PH1 Phono Cable Pair

"I cannot express the satisfaction that these cables have given me. Compared to my other brand cables. The Morrow phono cables are squeaky clean windows into my analog collection as opposed to a heavily draped and sun blocked blinds with a film of grunge. Truly a breakthrough product! Thanks Mike." - Ed M
  • The PH1 Phono Cables contain 1 run of a specially constructed shielded SSI Technology wire per channel. As you move up the line, more runs are introduced, providing higher and higher resolution.

    The PH1 phono cables are excellent for any turntable/ cartridge application. Moving magnet, moving coil and magnetic cartridges all work very well. Their application is also excellent between a SUT (step up transformer) and phono preamp. For any application form the output side of the phono preamp, please use our MA Series Interconnects. The cable is flexible and easy to manage as well as having a low noise floor with excellent RFI rejection.

    What cables to get? Our Buyers Guide can help you choose the perfect cable level for your system.
  • SSI Technology stands for "Solid core, Small gauge, Individually insulated" wires, which is at the heart of our design.

    Morrow Audio cables differ in three major areas of design from other popular cables. Our proprietary technology removes major distortions that are common in most other cable designs. Learn More
  • The termination options are Standard RCA (gold plated), KLE Copper Harmony RCA, KLE Pure Harmony RCA (silver), Furutech Angled DIN and straight DIN. You can order them in any configuration through the drop downs provided. The DIN selection come standard with an attached spade ground wire.

    The Harmony RCA's offer another level of refinement, continuing our SSI Technology all the way through the connector. You can expect a 5% improvement over the standard RCA's.

    GROUND WIRE NOTE: The RCA version does not come with a ground wire. It is not necessarily needed. Many tables do not require a ground wire, instead they connect that internally where the ground travels through the shield of the phono cables. If a separate ground wire is needed, you can order ours or use the one that came with your table, or some other wire that you might have around. The signal does not pass through the ground wire, so quality is not an issue.

  • You will find great enjoyment and improvements right out of the box. Our cables however take around 400 hours to fully break in. You can speed this process up with our optional break-in service.

    If you decide to do this yourself, a cable owners manual is always provided with your order which explains what you will hear during the breakin process.

    A great way to break in RCA phono cables is to hook them to a CD player and preamp, playing a CD on repeat to break in the cables. This saves wear and tear on your turntable and cartridge while at the same time provide a higher level signal to break them in.
  • Capacitance: 98pf/ meter
  • The return period begins when you receive the cables. See Policy

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