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Record Store

Our online vinyl record store is now open! Please be patient as we are adding new vinyl selections daily. Check back often!

See the record store website at www.morrowrecords.com (clicking the link will take you off the Morrow Audio website and open the record store website in a new window).

NOTE: The record store staff are not part of the cable business. If you have any cable related questions, please contact our cable department during open hours.

Did you know that our brick-n-mortar record store is located in the front of our cable factory? If you are in town, please stop by for a visit! Perhaps Mike Morrow will even give you a VIP tour!

Record Store Location: Morrow Records, 6608 Dixie Highway, Florence, KY 41042

Facebook Page: Morrow Records

Record Store Website: www.MorrowRecords.com