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5/12/2020: Wire Runs Increased in our Speaker Cables...

SP1 speaker cable wire count increased from 48 to 64.

SP2 speaker cable wire count increased from 84 to 112.

SP3 speaker cable wire count increased from 144 to 192.

SP4 speaker cable wire count increased from 288 to 384.

SP5 speaker cable wire count increased from 432 to 576.

SP6 speaker cable wire count increased from 576 to 768.

SP7 speaker cable wire count increased from 865 to 1153.

Elite speaker cable wire count increased from 1152 to 1536.

Anniversary speaker cable wire count increased from 1728 to 2304.


9/1/2018: Multiple Cable Design Improvements...

On 9/1/2018 we started production with some improvements to our renowned SSI cable design. This page has been created for you to see the differences between the old and new designs.

If you purchased your cables on or after 9/1/2018, you have the new cable design.

The new design has been incorporated in the following cables: DIG cables, interconnects, speaker cables, speaker jumpers, subwoofer cables, REL subwoofer upgrade cable, Y cables, mini & patch cables.

How to Determine What Design You Have:

Hold the cable in your left and right hand, about 4 inches apart. Grasp the cable and bring your hands together, scrunching together the outer braid to be able to see the inside of the cable. If you see colored wires, you have the old design. If you see white, cotton covered wires, you have the new design.

 Design Changes:

1. More Runs of Wire
We have added more runs of OFC (Oxygen free copper) wire to each cable model. For instance, the MA1 interconnects, which previously had 2 runs of wire per channel, now has 8 runs of individually insulated wires per channel. The Anniversary speaker cables, which previously had 288 runs per channel, now have 2304 runs of individually insulated wires per channel! This provides amazing improvements in all areas of the sound: air, soundstage, musicality, realism, harmonic structure, etc. See Old & New Wire Counts

2. Progressive Smaller Gauge Individual Wires
As you move up the line, the gauge of the individual wires in the cable structure reduces. Smaller gauge individual wires result in less skin effect distortions.

3. Larger Total Gauge
The total combined wire gauge has increased for many models, providing lower impedance and improved signal transfer.

4. Improved Dielectric
We have greatly improved the dielectric (wire insulation) in the design by introducing cotton. Cotton has the lowest reflectivity of all dielectrics which reduces the "smearing" distortion found in others.

5. Lower Noise Floor
Our new manufacturing process insures a tighter, more uniform, internal wire weaving. The cables are quieter, rejecting more RFI than before. You hear deeper into the music, subtleties before unheard now come through with profound realism.

6. Solid Copper Instead of Silver Coated Copper
We no longer use silver coated copper wire, only solid copper wire for each individual SSI strand. The presentation is now smoother and more musical. You will re-discover recording after recording, hearing things you never heard before.

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