Grand Reference Collection

"As a testimonial to the Anniversary Speaker Cables, let me just say that it took me about 30 seconds to hear the difference compared to the Elite cables. The level of micro detail in these cables are outstanding. I hear deeper into the music. Individual instruments have more of a sense of their own space. Bass lines have more power. I get a stronger sense of individual strings of a bass being plucked. As well, I can say the piano is more realistic. I hear each piano key being struck more clearly. There is no question that your Anniversary cables places my system at another level, getting ever closer to the sound of live music in my listening room." - Alan W

The Grand Reference Collection represents the best that we offer, the panicle of our design, an extreme experience. It provides the listener with  a level of realism and involvement rarely experienced. Those who choose to tread here never go back. It is for such a person who desires to "arrive" at the best sound possible.

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