Morrow Audio (SP7 Level) Internal Speaker Wire and Other Cables...

As an audiophile with a penchant for the nuances of sound and the intricacies of audio reproduction, I find myself compelled to share my experience with the Morrow Audio Internal Speaker (SP7 level) wires, which have been a revelation in my auditory journey. The installation of these wires into my vintage 1980s Epicure Model 5 speakers, which had undergone a meticulous upgrade by the esteemed Huw Powell of Human Speakers in 2022, was a decision driven by a desire to extract the quintessence of audio fidelity from these classic transducers.

The Morrow Audio Trade-up program was a seamless process, marked by exemplary customer service. Opting for the maximum break-in service ensured that the wires were primed to deliver their acoustic potential from the outset. My devotion to the original aesthetic and sonic character of the Epicure speakers made the upgrade an essential step in preserving their legacy while elevating their performance.

The synergy between the SP7 Internal wires and my existing Morrow Audio MA7 RCA or XLR interconnects is palpable. The power cables, predominantly the 3s and 4 series, along with the PH4 phono cables and Digi4 digital cables, form an intricate web of high-fidelity conduits that channel the essence of music with unerring precision.

The addition of the SP7 internal speaker wire kit was the pièce de résistance, augmenting the already transformative impact of the Morrow Audio cables on my system.

Over the past 3-4 weeks, I listened to ripped CDs in FLAC and WAV formats with an organic warmth. The Astell & Kern SE100 DAP serves as a digital audio sanctum, housing nearly a terabyte of high-resolution files that are seamlessly streamed to the Blue-sound.

The SP7 Internal Speaker wire Kit has ushered in a transformative soundstage expansion, both in width and height, that defies the physical confines of my listening space. Instrument separation is markedly enhanced, with each note seemingly suspended in a vacuum, devoid of any temporal or spatial constraints. The resultant sweet spot is an auditory nirvana where the speakers vanish, leaving behind a pure, unadulterated soundscape.

The clarity and timbre of the instruments have attained a level of realism that transcends the mere reproduction of sound. Horns and strings resonate with a lifelike presence, while vocals are positioned with surgical precision, revealing subtleties that were previously shrouded. This upgrade, facilitated by the trade-up program, has proven to be an investment of immeasurable value.

For those who cherish their speakers and seek to unlock their latent potential, I cannot extol the virtues of the SP7 Internal wire upgrade enough. Morrow Audio has not only delivered a product of exceptional quality but has also provided a customer service experience that is a rare find in today’s market. The SP7 is not merely a cable; it is a conduit to auditory enlightenment.

R Elliott

I am a very pleased customer...

Just a note to let you know how pleased I am with the Anniversary speaker cables I purchased. They just keep getting better!

I was running your Elites before, and I thought they were very good indeed. How could things have gotten better? Well, they did. The key word for the improvement is DETAIL. There is much more resolution and sense of space and three-dimensionality than with the Elites. Imaging is superbly tight and focused. I have been transported into another world.

How could they get better from here? Well, I recently ordered a set of Anniversary interconnects. I'm currently running Audience Au24 SX interconnects. Are the Anniversary cables better than the Audience? Somehow I think they will be.

Helping with the resolution...I'm running an all digital system; a PS Audio DirectStream DAC Mk 2 into PS Audio M1200 monoblocks, which drive GoldenEar Triton Reference speakers. Those amps can push 600/1200 W into 8/4 ohms, and they are very fast. Combine that with the Anniversary cables, and we really have serious resolution! Keep up the good work! I am a very pleased customer! - Charlie Hatch

There was more!

I am reaching out on my last purchase from you folks, my speaker cables. I can honestly say there was an immediate improvement when I added them into the equation. There was simply more, more there. I hope that makes sense. They improved the sound all the way around. I really don't know a lot technically about this hobby. All I know is what I can hear and for me that's all that matters. I heard an immediate difference and they continue to improve the overall listening experience for my current set up. Keep up the good work. Cheers, Dean

The sound simply drew me in...

Well, the results are in and my presumption has been condemned to the dung heap. Apparently custom speaker cables – in this instance, Morrow Audio – are superior to coat hangers (LOL) or heavy-gauge copper wire. My reference music for the A/B comparison of the Morrow SP1s and my current speaker cables was the CD of Charlie Haden/Liberation Orchestra’s “The Ballad of the  Fallen” because of the wide range of instrumentation and for how wonderfully layered & volume-dynamic it is. I connected the new Morrow speaker cables as the “front” speaker position on my recently and completely rebuilt 1971 S9500c Sherwood amp, and my previous cables on the “remote/back” position, both running into my 1971 Tannoy 12” Gold Monitor Coaxial so that I could switch back & forth easily (an on/off toggle for each). As an aside, I bought these components in 1972 and have enjoyed them immensely ever since – particularly after the recent rebuilds by a young, superlative electronics genius here in Nova Scotia.

A summary observation might be that the difference between to two cable sets was at least akin to 50% of the stellar improvement I heard immediately after the rebuilds. Right across the frequency spectrum the Morrow cables "un-muddied" what I had thought was already superb fidelity. Descriptors that apply are: enhanced definition, depth & clarity, with a much more open & expansive sound stage. The highs are brighter, the bass deeper & smoother, the instruments more delineated/differentiated. The sound simply drew me in. The trebles are beautifully crisp & bright and Haden’s bass is so full, resonant & with a color-filled depth – without any boom – which I hadn’t heard before. 

This testing was unfortunately not an A/B of the interconnects, as I replaced all the component cables simultaneously as well, so the difference I’m hearing may also be due in part to the cables between the DAC and the amp (the CD player runs into the DAC via a coaxial cable which I didn’t replace). 

At any rate I will be ordering another set of speaker cables. I will likely be buying a set of higher-quality cables this time around. Taking advantage of MA’s sale was one of the best spontaneous decisions I’ve made.

Pleasantly Surprised

I was pleasantly surprised to hear the difference the MA5 interconnects made in my system. The thing I was most impressed with was the additional detail that I heard in the music. I thought I was using pretty good interconnects (Kimber Hero) but the Morrow cables are much better in my system. The soundstage was not really wider, but definitely had more depth and there was more focus of the individual instruments and voices. I'm very glad I purchased them and will more than likely add some more of your cables in the future. FYI, the MA5 cables are connected from my preamp (Adcom GFP565) to my power amp (Adcom GFA545). The speakers I am using are Acoustat Spectra 2200. - KC

Gave them a try...

I bought a MA1 pair just to test out the claims that you make. I was so pleasantly surprised that I said to myself this would be a good investment. So I went for cables in the sweet spot, the MA4's, so that whatever I upgrade to will be sounding their best cable wise for quite a while and within my budget. So I used your trade in plan and upgraded not only that pair but bought more to complete my system. There are many comments that people have stated in their reviews of your cables, but the one that I'll be adding is the air around the instruments... it sounds more real. A three dimensional sound or sound stage is probably the audiophile term that would apply, especially in concerts that emphasize the reverb in the room. The realism of the sound is the best I've ever heard on any speakers I've listened to. I'm aiming for the best bang for the buck in my system and these cables make what I have sound much more expensive. The percentage of my whole system that I've invested in cables is probably more than many would recommend but it has made my system much better. I can hear a big difference in the recordings that I listen to. I'll be back for more MA4's as I need them in the future. Thank You! David W 


I started with MA1 interconnects about three years ago. Before they were even broke in, I could tell these cables were special. Huge soundstage, beautiful tone, and great detail. After year or so I traded up to MA3 interconnects. I was expecting some improvement, but not expecting how much better the MA3s were over the MA1's. These cables give me goosebumps every time I listen to them, they are that good. Huge soundstage with depth and width. Very accurate placement of instruments and voices and a beautiful tone. The only way they'll get my MA3s is by prying from my cold dead hands! - Frank D

Immediate improvement!

Over a period of a couple of months I ordered Morrow several interconnects and have now replaced all of my interconnects with Morrow products.  I began by replacing an Audioquest Cinnamon RCA pair with Morrow MA5’s.  There was an immediate improvement in clarity and a lowered noise floor.  I was encouraged by your sale to replace first generation Shunyata Aries and Altair balanced cables with balanced MA5s.  Again, there was a noticeable improvement even before break-in.  Then I replaced all of the RCA pairs (Shunyata Venom and Aries, Audioquest Columbia, with MA5 interconnects.  Finally, I replaced a Shunyata Venom phono cable with your PH7.   I was not expecting to swap out all of my cables, but the performance of your cables and the discount that you offered made it impossible to resist the opportunity.  I would say that the cables are improving as they break in.  I notice a sweeter, clearer treble, with perhaps more separation of instruments.  There is definitely more bass extension in my subwoofer.  I listen to a lot of acoustic jazz trios so these are qualities that I prize and are readily apparent. Even at full price your products are more than worth the money.  Perhaps in future I will give one of your power cables a whirl against my Shunyatas, or even my Shunyata Delta speaker cables.  - All Hurtado

Really pleased!

Hi Mike, just wanted to let you know that I have been really pleased with the results I noticed with your products. I now have all my equipment (Oppo player>Marantz AVR>Rotel 130 watt amp>SVS Prime Pinnacles, center and sealed sub) wired with level 3 or 4 wiring (4 for the 2 channel stuff). I've taken advantage of your trade up several times over the past year as well as the breakin service to get to this point. I have noticed the same improvements pretty much every step of the way....Better definition and refinement in music, an increase in what I call the Black (lack of white noise/interference), fuller sound with improved drive. I had a friend from out of state visit recently who told me this was the cleanest sounding system he's ever heard. Based mainly on my experience thus far, I'm considering upgrading some power cords next year. Keep up the good work! - Jeff M

Huge soundstage...
I purchased the SP5 speaker cables, and am VERY happy with the results. I was always a bit of a skeptic when it came to cables. I was hoping to hear some kind of difference coming from my inexpensive (but highly regarded) Mogami 3103 cables. I heard a difference alright, and it was not subtle! The music came alive, instruments sounded more real, and there was more clarity. Even in complex loud orchestral passages I can hear clearly what different instruments are doing. Then there's the soundstage. HUGE! At one point I wondered if all this was in my head, and put the Mogami's back in my system. Instantly the magic was gone. These cables are fabulous and I will be purchasing some interconnects as well at some point. Thanks for making a great product, and also thanks to Scott, who helped me through a fiasco with UPS. - Paul R

I was stunned...
Just some quick thoughts. First of all, aesthetics are important and when I opened those gorgeous boxes containing my cable purchases, I was stunned. It might sound silly, but your cables are a thing of beauty. Your standard RCA connectors look way better than any high priced "audio jewelry" offered by other manufacturers. The small spade connectors on the speaker cables fit the barrier strips of my circa 1990 McIntosh amps perfectly. As far as sonics, out of the box, the difference was noticeable and positive. I let my system run for days at a time for "break in" and after a week or so went and did some serious listening. The difference between your cables and my previous cables (a very respected brand that I have used for several years) was NOT SUBTLE. What iced my purchase was the testimonial from Bill Dudleston. My Dad and I had the distinct pleasure of getting the Legacy factory tour and speaker demo from Bill personally several years ago. If your cables are good enough for Bill, then they are certainly good enough for me! You and your crew make a wonderful product and I will definitely be ordering more. Keep up the good work. Thanks again and best regards. -  Al G

Blue Jeans?
I went from Blue Jeans interconnects to Morrow Audio MA4 interconnects. The sound signature was certainly different for the better. More depth, detail, much larger soundstage for sure. Cables DO matter. - Braccio96

Completely satisfied...
I would love to tell you  personally how much I'm enjoying my Morrow audio speaker cables and my Morrow audio power cables.... I also like the easy burn in service you provide... I'm way to anxious to wait for ultimate performance for me burn in is a no brainer. I've recently made an additional purchase and can't wait for those cables to arrive! From my budget perspective and my audio wire, cable, interconnect consistency strategy, Morrow exceeds my expectation. I'm completely satisfied with my system. My gear is a SET tube intergrade, open baffle speakers and a pair floor standing speakers, Dennafrips Aries 2 and a Bluenote 2I. Thanks for all you're doing for modest audiophiles like myself. - Jim

I won't hesitate...
Hi Mike and the Morrow team.  I’ve been using your cables for at least 4 years. Power, speaker, interconnects and most recently for my new subwoofer.  I’ve been thrilled with everything, and even upgraded a few times as my budget has expanded.  I won’t hesitate to add more of your products as my needs change. In addition, I really appreciate hearing from Scott when I place an order and from your techs. - Kurt 

Getting goosebumps!
Mike, I got to tell you these cables are truly amazing. I was very skeptical because I’m always a little suspicious of promises in high end audio, the snake oil thing, you know? I’m blown away by the level of detail your cables provide. Yes, I can hear things that didn’t seem to exist before. Those little details make all the difference. I get goosebumps and can clearly hear the tick of the drumsticks on the cymbals. It feels like you can almost see the wires under the snare drum. The voices are to die for. Well done! Happy client here. - AD

I’m not one for testimonials...
but I will say that I am quite happy with the build and performance of the interconnects and speaker wires I bought. I actually bought these for a new system I will put together in a new dedicated room in a couple of months (a system which will include a pair of Magico A5s). Meanwhile, I couldn’t resist trying the various wires out so I have incorporated them into a modest mid-fi system (Marantz 7704, Triton 7 speakers, but PS Audio Direct Stream source) we use for day to day tv, movies, music. The effect was pretty amazing. My mid-fi system bloomed into a darned good sounding 3 dimension image. The wires I bought are overkill for that system, but it was a very interesting experiment, showing how much one can squeeze out of modern mid-fi equipment. - Sam Z

Audio Science Review  - User Legion1capone

Morrow Audio MA3 RCA cable:
I'll start off by saying that these are by far the most money I've spent on a cable and am still burning them in...  It has been a few days now and I've had my system running almost day and night...

As for the sound... wow. Honestly switching between these and the other 2 cables (Amazon Basics & AudioQuest G Snake) is a big enough difference that I will likely be purchasing a few more pair soon. I honestly didn't think they would make a big difference, yet they have.

The Morrow cables sound so natural. Everything sounds so controlled and percise. They have fantastic transient response and have excellent dynamics. The way it helps paint the picture of your music is truly beautiful. They help you hear the little nuances and details in your music that you may have otherwise missed. I can here more of the details in the tracks I am listening to. With the other cables, the details would be covered up by a slightly muddied sound...

Wasn't sure a power cord would make any audible difference
I know Morrow makes great cables, I have 9 Morrow interconnects and a Morrow subwoofer cable. They improve soundstage, imaging and especially separation, but I wasn't sure that a power cord could make any audible difference. Power cords don't directly handle the audio signal. I was looking for some improvements in sound quality so I tired the map 2. As usual with a morrow cable the improvements were substantial. The biggest improvement was the depth of the soundstage. Definitely worth the money! Give these power cords a try, they are excellent! - Stan

More than satisfied!
I'm not going to claim to be an audiophile. However, IMO I have a pretty good ear; even at my age of 3 score and 10. My equipment consists of a Pro-Ject Carbon Debut turn table with Ortofon Red MM cartridge using a Cambridge Alva Duo pre-amp connected to a Sonos Amp powering Definitive D7's with Sonos Sub. OK...maybe that's low end for some folks but for my budget it's plenty.

I was using the phono cables that came with the Pro-Ject and mid-tier interconnects (of a competitive brand) to the Sonos Amp. My reference vinyl album is Miles Davis' Jack Johnson, Original Master Recording Numbered Special Limited Edition. Having heard Miles perform tracks from the album in live concert I knew I was missing the energy I felt then listening on my current setup.

Upgrading cables seemed to be the logical step to retrieve the sonic I was missing. The PH3's more than exceeded my expectations to present an improved sound stage. What I'm now hearing is like stepping back in time to Miles' live performance. The stereo separation is incredible.

Just in case you're wondering I paired the PH3's with a set of MA3 interconnects. I allowed Morrow Audio to pre-condition the cables for 3 days as well. To complete the transformation I ordered a set of SP3 speaker cables.

I'm more than satisfied with my investment and recommend Morrow Audio to anyone who truly enjoys their music! BTW the monogrammed presentation pouch was an unexpected premium touch at this price point. Way-to-go Mike!!! - Aaron

Not enough room here to list all of the superlatives and feelings they invoke! Ted T
After rearrangement of my dedicated 2.1 Music Room set-up, I started searching for new longer speaker cables to accommodate the component rack placement. My previous cables were too short, so obtained four brands of "multi-strand OFC 12 & 11 gauge speaker wires". Basically, the sonic characteristics were similar.. .flatten soundstage (little depth), mid to upper bandwidth edginess and a smearing of transients within a bloated 2-channel presentation... not very musical, realistic or Live!?!

Realized to obtain the sonic fidelity I knew my system/room was capable of, I'd need to invest more $$$ resources toward those goals. Researching higher end cable products on-line, discovered the vastness of cost and claims, many just "sounding like" good old snake oil for the cost of a 2ndmortgage?! However, coming across Morrow Audio was for me, like a breath of fresh air. An abundance of ownership testimonials and accolades convinced me to "try" these products, as most were stating just exactly what I was looking for in high-end sound, but for a reasonable investment!

Due to My budget and $$$ value minded interest, I was going to get the SP3 speaker cables, but after a 1 hour conversation with "Mike Morrow", decided to get their self-proclaimed "Best Value vs Performance" SP4 cables! FWIW, I also had them perform a 10-day (240 hour) burn-in period before they shipped,

They came to me pretty much broken in! Once received, and from the first minute of the first CD, the stunning midrange and treble bandwidths and huge stage presence arrived in All their Glory! However, it took about 24 hours of playing music for the bass to arrive (tightness, punch, definition and depth) and Wow, it came in with the Thunder of Thor!!

Gradual, sonic improvements continued all the way through the next 100 hours of music break-in and now at a total of 500 hours (Morrow Cable burn-in + My 24/7 music playback break-in), they present a glorious soundstage that has pinpoint focus, air and separation of vocals, instrumentals and ensembles...all in an extremely accurate and huge venue with tremendous width, depth and height...Very Musical, Realistic and Live!!

The overall sonic bandwidth has so many attributes. There's not enough room here to list all of the superlatives and feelings they invoke!

The balance of an extremely natural, spacious and live 3D Holographic presentation, combined with their excellence in micro/macro dynamics, accurate timbres/tonality, smooth yet detailed resolution and superb attack/sustained/decay articulations make the music reproduced playback effortless, immersive and engaging. FWIW, instruments, strings, keyboard, percussion and vocals (all studied and performed on/with throughout my 15-years of Music study/degree) all sound as they do in the real world. My continued excellent hearing confirms that every day!

I find myself toe-tapping and listening to every bar of music on each CD as I hear and feel what the musicians intended to impart in their creative art of music! Often, my mind is blown, because what I see (my room and my components) versus what I hear (Live Venue Performances) are in such stark contrast, the goose bumps, breath catching and sometimes tears just flow!!

Seems now, I can just enjoy and relish the emotional art my full musical library genre presents without any thought or interference from my "Stereo Setup"!

Letting you know how much I LOVE my cables! - Jose A
A note on the Morrow cables I have in my system: I never thought that cables would make this much of a positive and enhancing experience. I have done cable testing before and I could hear the difference between all the cables that I had listen to, but none of those cables have come close to the resolution, depth, breadth, and clarity of the Morrow Audio cables.

Morrow SUB4 Subwoofer Cable Review….  I recently purchased a 16 inch woofer with 1500 watts continuous power/ 5000+ watts peak SB16-Ultra model from a company called SVS.

I connected it to my system with a standard RCA cable I had laying around.

I thought the speaker sounded fine with the bass being powerful and exactly what i was looking for.  I called the folks at Morrow Audio and asked them how much of a difference a cable connecting to my sub woofer would really make.

I have purchased other Morrow cables and I knew those made a difference, but would it really make a big difference for the sub?  They assured me that it would and so I ordered the SUB4.

WOW. I really mean WOW!  Could I hear and feel a difference!  First I will say that the “speed" of my subwoofer increased. It's seemed as if the subwoofer was more accurate, timely and responsive. It  allowed the SB16-Ultra to produce a sound what I can only describe as incredibly accurate and detailed.

The clarity of the bass Notes were profound. The accuracy of the bass notes was perfect. The harmonics and rich context layered in each instrument appeared magically.

It is an amazing experience to meet the actual acoustic sound of the bass with the physical thump that high powered subs can express. These cables were fast and accurate and clean…  allowing the bass to drive your senses in a way I would not have thought possible.

The second and most important part was how these cables allowed my subwoofer to mate up perfectly with a pair of Wilson Audio Watt/Puppy speakers.  Wilson Audio is legendary for the accuracy of their speaker.  With this cable and many hours of speaker placement/positioning work, the pairing of the speaker is nothing short of spectacular.  Highly recommended.


In 1999 I was saw an email from Morrow and was reading the reviews about how great their cables were.  I had a Denon AVR-X5200W driving a pair Maganapan SMG speakers and full 9.1 surround system.  I knew their was more that this system could deliver.. but didn’t know what to do.  So I called morrow and ask a lot of questions and decided to order the SP4 cables.  As soon as I connected these cables I knew this was what I was looking for.  The speaker came alive!  The resolution and added clarity that I experienced was amazing.  it was money well spent.  It is true that these cables require break in period.  After 200 hrs of use I could hear the cables coming back and then after 300 hrs they were back to being great.  I have had countless hours of enjoyment. 

Fast forward to 2020.  I had the opportunity to Buy a pair of Wilson Audio WATT/Puppy speakers with Krell Pre-amp/amp and siltech Pure sliver silver cables that were $2000 in the early 90’s.  I connected up the system and it was nothing short of amazing.  Out of curiosity I decided to connect the SP4 cables and I could not believe that they could make that system sound better, but they did!  The Wilson’s sounded more open and clear.  They came alive as just as the Magnapans once did. The sound of each instrument sounded more accurate and precise.  The sound stage was massive and imaging felt three dimensional.  The only thing the old silver cables had was a deeper bass, but that may have been because the rest of the audio spectrum sounded so muted.

I think the best endorsement for the SP4 came from a female friend who knows nothing about stereos, when she said simply… that sounds better that the other cables.  I asked her to articulate, but all she could say was… “I don’t know why, they just do.  I like these better.” 

I know have to sell the pure silver cables and have also decided to upgrade to the SP6 cables.  More on that experience in another review. 

Very pleased! - Rich M:
"I am very pleased with the audio and quality of the PH1 Phono and SUB3 Sub cables I purchased. The difference was noticeable as soon as I swapped out the existing cables. The sound is clearer and more crisp and I am able to experience a more rich soundstage. I am very pleased with my purchases, as well as the break-in service. I already referred one friend who is purchasing cables from you in the very near future. Highly recommended."

Can't stop smiling - David:
I can’t stop smiling and I can’t stop listening! This is with my only installing one of the three sets of Morrow cables! 

I stayed up all night on the day of delivery. My wife called me a moron, and kept me up all night till the next day. I’m exhausted.

I decided to start with a single pair of Morrow interconnects on my reel to reel since I have several safety master tapes.

What I discovered immediately was that I didn’t lose detail at low levels.  Background accompaniments became more than just sounds in the background. Pianos sound like pianos  I can hear individual instruments within sections.  Classical music goes from ppp to fff. Suddenly I was able to adjust the gain level just once and hear the entire piece. 

Lastly, enjoyment. This is as close to live music as I have achieved on any system in my home. I have a few more things to play before I install the second cable. Can’t wait to see what’s instore. Thx for everything. David

A very good investment - Marty T:
Damn! I hooked up the new bi-wire cables and I was surprised just how much of a positive sound impact these cables make; bass, midrange and soundstage are so much bigger. This was a very good investment!

Captivated! - Adam C
The improvements from even brand new MA4 wiring were of a similar order of magnitude as when I installed very good new monoblock power amps. In short, I was captivated by what I was hearing. This morning my non-audiophile (but eternally understanding) wife commented that she could hear something different - from another floor in the house. She neither inhales nor blows smoke. 
Yes, as you and many customers have observed, your cables reveal a deep, wide and enveloping soundstage. I expected that. But now bass is more gutsy, more taut and deeper, a gain I had not expected. But the textures...the textures and timbres of voices and acoustic instruments are the stars of the show. They're so readily discernible that there's no more thinking "is that a cello or a viola"? We know what it is because our ear/brain systems are telling us it is an actual object in our physical presence.
The best part of this for me (or any audio enthusiast) is that in addition to hearing these benefits purely for musical joy, I also am able to fairly say that my system must be pretty good if changing to better wires revealed a clearly evident improvement. That is to say, my system was pretty good with the exception of my old wiring.
I would spend my Morrow Audio dollars again, every day of the week. I'm so glad it's a rainy Sunday and that my wife has plans. Thanks!

Not sure how you guys at Morrow did it! - Jeff
Just wanted to say I'm enjoying my upgraded cables more than you know, coming from the older design (9/2018) SP-3 , MA 4 to the new MA 4, MA 5 and SP-3 have been an ear opening experience. I was on the fence on the new design without the use of the silver/ copper blend but I was way wrong! The musicality and  flow I'm hearing along with deeper, extended well layered bass is just the start the midrange is full of bloom and neutrality and highs are airy articulate and cymbal rides excel with precision. Not sure how you guys at Morrow did it but glad you challenged yourselves to bring the new design to market! Bravo! 

Small Details Abound! - ZN
I have been a live audio engineer since 1969.  My first professional act was Gary Puckett & the Union Gap.  Between then and recent semi-retirement I toured with Rufus & Chaka Khan, Quincy Jones, Lee Ritenour and many other acts, to finish my last 10 years with McCoy Tyner, seeing out his career. So now, I miss the live stage.
I have built up a listening room with Monitor Audio Gold 60 - Bryston 4B - Grace Design M900 - Roon Nucleus, etc.  I purchased some MA-1 interconnects to see what you made.  I liked them, but my rig was wired with a variety so I didn't get the full effect.  Since then I upgraded to MA-5 interconnects and SP-6 bi-wired speaker cables and couldn't be happier.  Small details abound, just like on stage.  I'm sold on one maker for all cables in my system.  Thank you!

Extremely Happy! - David K
I just wanted you to know that I am extremely happy with the cable products you have sent so far. As soon as I installed them in my systems I heard an enormous improvement in clarity ,dynamics, imaging and sound staging. The treble was crystalline clear without any edginess. The bass was also thunderous. I hear it’s only supposed to get better as the breakin progresses!

To Whom it May Concern - Victor C
I have been very satisfied with your cables and the results for an audiophile like myself have been very positive and enthusiastic. I am presently listening very carefully to my latest purchase form you, which is a Dig 1 cable and so far I am very pleased.

As a person that was the service manager of a prestigious company in South Florida (Sound Components) for a number of years, I am very keen to the sound of high end audio products. It really surprises me that your cables compete with, and in some cases surpass, the performance of other high end cables that have exorbitant  prices. Your cables are a fraction of their cost  and perform with results which are unbelievable!

My previous interconnects were from a high end manufacturer  that were 5 times more than the price of the cables I purchased from you (MA-1 and MA-2 interconnects). The other brand cables had inferior aural results compared to the Morrow Audio cables.

One of the aspects of your design, that really captivates me, is the depth and holographic presentation of the imaging, which renders the aural illusion to be very believable and wholesome. The loudspeakers likewise disappear.

 At present, I am a retired senior of 78 yrs of age and living under Social Security. I have limited funds which do not allow me to purchase your more expensive cables, but I am very happy and satisfied with what I have.

The Effects Were Immediate - Graeme

I just wanted to recount my experiences of your cables. It all started with a Morrow RCA to 3.5mmm jack cable to run my Bluesound Node 2i into a Chord Mojo as an external DAC.

That made such an unexpectedly big different that I ordered a new arm cable for my Linn Ittok arm and a Y-cable for my REL subwoofer.

After that, other RCA Morrow cables followed for my other sources going into my Naim/PCM system.

In all cases the effects were immediate and then the cables improved over time. I get more musical involvement (the number one attribute that I look for in my system) – more excitement, more realism, more emotion, everything that I look for in music!

Music has been my friend through this pandemic, sitting every evening, listening to old friends and discovering new ones. Your cables have made a huge difference to this at a remarkably reasonable cost. Thank you Mike and all of your team. Cheers Graeme


I Was Stunned - Steve W

Mr Morrow I cannot thank you and your team enough for the end to end care and attention exhibited by Morrow Audio.

Now onto the cables... WOW! I was stunned right out of the box and I replaced cables from a reputable manufacturer. For me and in my system, the benefits were immediate and progressed as I added each cable upgrade.

1. Significant gains when swapping the digital cable from the transport to the DAC.
2. Larger gains when I swapped the power cables to my amp.
3. Huge to extreme gains when I converted from RCA to XLR between the amp and preamp and preamp to DAC.

I do not understand the science, nor do I need to, but I do trust my ears Your industry accolades are well deserved. I will be back for speaker cables. I tire of the uninformed consumer arguments about quality cables being snake oil or do they make a real difference. Well done Morrow Audio and thanks again.

A Real Blind A/B Test - Milos D

Not long ago I had two friends and the three of us decided to conduct a real blind test with some speaker cables on some Dynaudio Excite 38 speakers. Both speakers were set up next to each other and both connected to the same, right audio channel on A/B setup.

We were comparing my Morrow Audio SP5 speaker cables against my friend's AudioQuest Type 8 speaker cables. Wow! We played 10 songs we are very familiar with and use for testing, and 3 out of 3 votes on 9 out of 10 songs was immediate and clear winner for the SP5 (split opinions on 1 out of 10 songs).

Remind you, this was a true blind test. Mids and highs simply did not compare, and the clarity and high definition was a different class. Talking about definition... most interesting was Allison Kraus' Down to the River to Pray section with a male choir very subtle in the background. They were noticeable on the AudiQuests, but switching to Morrow Audio SP5's you could actually recognize the words they were singing! It was surreal.


Justin S - I'm Speechless!

I’m speechless…. I’ve only hooked up the main left and right
speakers to the Burmester and powered up the Krell MRS subs with Morrow’s
Anniversary and Elite speaker, sub, and interconnect cables – running CDs
off of the OPPO 205d through the Krell Foundation and then the Burmester. 

The cables provide effortless clarity, infinite depth with gently softened
edges, not a hint of glare, the tenor and timber of voices and instruments
is astonishingly melodic, clear, transparent with startling projecting and
imaging, perhaps sounding (and I mean this as a compliment) even better than
reality!  Your cables are the only thing that’s different in the equation – they’re phenomenal!

Twice, while I was sitting on the floor setting up the PS Audio P15 in the
back corner, I literally turned around and looked over my shoulder thinking
one of my roommates was speaking to me from the next room.  The soundstage
is, simply put, HUGE in width and depth, and yet extremely precise!!
Granted the room is 26 by 20, but the main speakers are only about 13 to 14
feet apart, and they’re imaging instruments, percussion, snare drums, steel
drums, Steinways (I believe generally brighter than Bosendorfer or
Bechstein), everything, with precision to the edges and back of the room
like I’ve never heard before, I’m just amazed at the micro-dynamics your
cables pull through my system.

As a classically-trained violinist with a keen ear, I traveled last year to
Carnegie Hall and the Kaufman Performing Arts center to hear Itzak Perlman
and further refine my sense of true acoustics from recordings there and
similar renowned concert halls (still need to hit the Hollywood Bowl, which
I hear is like a larger version of the Ryman) – I’d almost rather hear
Perlman in my living room now!  

I cannot wait to have all of your cables installed over the weekend!  THANK
YOU and your team, special thanks to Adam.  The importance of cables as the
highway between my components was far greater than I anticipated.  I will
most certainly write a formal review once everything is installed and
calibrated (yep, it sounds breathtaking and hasn’t even been calibrated!) as
a small gesture of appreciation.  The optimal words to describe the sublime
sound flowing through the cables and out of my speakers are still coalescing
in my brain.  Again, thank you for this tremendous gift!  My system truly
sings now…  I can’t wait for the weekend!


Neil Gader - The Absolute Sound Magazine

Morrow Elite Grand Reference interconnects and speaker cables: Deceptively transparent. The Elite Grand Reference is a great, unpretentious communicator. Balanced, smooth, spacious, dimensional, and honest. It projects a calm and civility that let you sink into the sound and luxuriate.



Michael S - I am really going to enjoy these cables!

The SP4 speaker cables arrived yesterday our time and I put them into the system yesterday evening to start listening and running them in, straight out of the Morrow felt bag they sounded better than what I was using (Graham Slee Spatia), as the evening went on they were getting better and better, I know there is a long way to go with the running in until they perform their best but these SP4 have much more of everything, detail, midrange projection, a bottomless pit bass that is tight and very fast, the biggest thing I notice though is how they make musical instruments sound so much more natural, much better timbre. I was reluctant to turn the system off and go to bed.

I Promptly fired it up again this morning and was playing a later Neil Diamond album and his voice and the big rich sound of the piano plus the words to the song almost made me cry, the emotion that was conveyed was amazing! Every time I use a Morrow cable in my system it just gets better and better. I am really going to enjoy these cables, thanks so much to the team at Morrow and the amazing products they make so we can enjoy the music once again!


Ian N: Not a huge amount of difference compared to a $16,000.00 cable...

Let me start with the MA4 interconnect ($329.00), mainly because I was in a position to make an unfair comparison as I had been fortunate enough to borrow 2 pairs of very expensive interconnects. Cardas Clear Reflection ($1450.00) and Nordost Odin ($16,000.00). I'm not going to pretend that the $329 Morrow cable was as good as these cables, but there wasn't a huge amount of difference, especially given the price differential. The Odin was the stand out, and obviously the top of the line ($2995 Elite or $4995 Anniversary)  Morrow cables would have been a better comparison. However for value for money the MA4 would be difficult to beat!

I'm now in my third month with my SP5s, and yes they live up to all of the claims that are made about them. Yes they increased the ability of my amp to control my speakers, and improve my bass response three ways. First they appear to have added another octave of bass. Second, they increase the resolution of the pitch in bass notes. Third, they increase texture, attack and decay of bass notes. Then, they separate and delineate each instrument throughout the frequency spectrum. All while adding soundstage depth and width. The sound of immediacy is astounding and presence addicting. Buying these cables has transformed my system enough that I have replaced all of my interconnects and speaker cables with Morrow Audio cables. What I really found amazing is finding out what stranded cable distortions sound like. Now that I know what it sounds like, I hear it everywhere, and am thankful that I have rid my audio system from them.


Helio C:

Airiness and beautiful lightened sound... among the very best in terms of harmonic richness! Astonishing soundstage image definition as well!

There is some equipment that makes us forget the high-end and all of its ideosyncrasies. When the music flows naturally, we fail to pay attention to what happens to the low, mid and high frequencies, depth of the soundstage , etc., etc.... all of those concerns disappear from our thoughts, as if by magic. Morrow cables belong to this very restricted group of audio equipment, which puts the listener in direct connection to the music, in all its glory! We do not just hear the performers playing, but also the emotion and the excitement with which they do it!

The truth is that these cables (MA5 and SP5 sets) replaced an old cable set that cost twice the price of the Morrows!

I take my hat off to these cables, above all to their intrinsic musicality, which is the most important thing and the ultimate cause of the high fidelity raison d'être.
Congratulations to Mike Morrow and all of his team!


Donald P:

Hi Mike

I am listening to a SACD of Mozart Violin Concertos. I enjoy listening to music much more now than before I discovered Morrow. I saw a pair of MA1s on ebay and decided to try them.. I was quite pleased with them and thought if Ma1 sounded this good what must the higher cables sound like. I went to MA3 and I was blown away. I t was if a veil had been removed. Music was clear and instruments sounded real. The upgrade bug was tempting me. I wanted a better amp. It sounded great and I knew Morrow speaker cables must sound great and the sp4 were amazing. It was like I got a subwoofer . Then I got the MA4. Sound was mind blowing and I like strings and the 4 enabled me to really hear them. I had been lusting after the Sony SCD-1 since it first came out in 2001 and it was going for 600.00 I got it. It was unbelievable. And of course the Sony deserved Morrow so I got the MAP3 power cable.

I don’t get listener fatigue anymore and listen to it every night. I am sure I would have to spend a lot of money to get better sound.

Mike, I have invested a lot of money since I discovered Morrow, but I am in 7th heaven and am listening to my Chamber music hours at a time. Thanks Donald P.


Dominick D:

Hi Mike,

I purchased your cables on a whim, hadn't made an audio investment in a while. I had purchased a new streamer and was running it off an old cable I had laying around since I was now short a quality cable. I wasn't really expecting to hear much of a difference, however, you were running a good sale on used cables (MA4). My other cable, a Merlin Verdi, is a much higher cost cable that I also got a good deal on. Got yours, swapped it with the Merlin and moved the Merlin to my SACD. Long story short, there was a significant audible improvement going to your cable, I honestly didn't think a cable would make that much a difference. Even had a friend over and it was immediately noticeable to him also.

Now I did get a used one so there was no wrestling with break-in.

Count me among the group of very satisfied.


Philip B:

Hi Mike.

Having had your MA4 interconnect cable for over a month now, i've been very impressed by it's performance. I wasn't really expecting it to sound so good! And i've not finished running it in yet. I've tried many cables and interconnects over the years with mixed results, usually pretty mediocre, but i must say it was a pleasant surprise when i installed your cable. The sound is much more open and extended revealing far more detail. Based on this, i hope to purchase some 'speaker cable and digital interconnect in the near future, hopefully with a bit of luck, i might win your $1000 draw to pay for it!


Alex K:

I've ordered MA4 interconnects and DIG4 digital cables to supplement my Nordost pair. Had them run overnight to start the break-in process. WOW! I've heard that these are good but the've exceeded all my expectations. Soundstage, 3D realism - to the point that you can almost "touch" the music. Thank you!


Dennis B:

I just wanted to give all of you my take on Morrow Cables. I have been using them for quite a few months now. Starting with a Great Deal on their low cost MA1 RCA Interconnect, I thought I would give their technology a try. I come from a backround in Audio Research and Development for my own personal gain and for Clients that want to get to the next level in Sound Systems. Wiring between components like RCAs and XLRs and Speaker Cables are no joke. There are just as important as the components themselves. I have worked with major Audio Salons out of the New York City Area on the New Jersey side, and also in the San Diego Area of California in person with the finest of Audio Equipment on the Planet at that time. And the equalizer has always been good Cables between each Component.

Let's get onto Mike Morrow and his wonderful Cable designs. Small Solid Core Wire. Sounds so simple, doesn't it? But it is a tedious task, and takes a long time to do it right. I have tested Solid Core Copper Wire before myself and have gotten very good results with it. But not in the small size that the Morrow Audio Cables are using. This is quite a good step in the right direction for opening up the sound of a Music Track without distorting it.

Well, lo and behold, Morrow Audio Cables do just that. They are so good at opening up a door that has been only open just slightly. And the full Music Track will shine thru your System like it was meant to. The 1st set of better quality MA4 Reference Cables (RCA 24 Runs of SSI Wire) was quite the party with me. I have a Reference System that consists of some of the finest equipment this side of the Planet. I can tell small differences now with components, now that Morrow Audio MA4 Reference Cables are coming from my Preamp to my Amplifier, and from my DAC and my CD Transport, and my USB Bridge also. I have moved up to XLRs between my Krell Amp and my fancy pants Preamp that puts out JFET, Tube or Straight Signal into the Krell Amp. Wow!!. Pure silence, and open door with the sound coming into full bloom.

I could tell you more about Morrow Audio Cables and it would make for a Short Story. I am very, very happy that my R&D has come across this Technology and Mike Morrow and his Team is so nice as well. And the Money Back Guarantee is just a great thing that makes you feel better buying his cables. I give a "Totally Recommended" rating to this Company and to it's technology. This is coming from someone that has been in the know for over 45 years and in the trenches of the finest Audio Equipment.

Life without Music, is like Life without Air to me. Now go pick which ones you want. And enjoy the Music.


Michael G:

I purchased the MA4 interconnects and they are fantastic. Right out of the package they improved my listening experience even though they were not broke in. I wish I had more hours on them but I enjoy each time I listen to my system because it gets better each time. My best friend Mark Bruce suggested your company to me he has bought interconnects and speaker cables from you. I replace my Kimber PBJ's that I had in my system for many years. I am very happy with the improvement in my sound quality the MA4's give me. Hopefully sometime early next year I can get another pair of the MA4's and maybe even some speaker cable.

Thanks from a very satisfied customer!


Darren V:

Mike, I am still breaking in the RCA and XLR cables I ordered. I will wait until these are fully burned in. At some point I may consider a bi-wire speaker cable pair. Currently using a Wireworld Equinox 7 with bi-wire jumpers I purchased about 8-9 months ago.

I will say already the soundstage and detail is about 25 % better than the Kimber Kable Hero's I was running ( XLR ) and Wireworld Equinox 7 ( RCA ) in which I replaced with the MA 4 series.


Anthony Pierre:

Thank you Warner for your follow up email about the Morrow cables I purchased. I did a lot of research first before buying, reading online reviews and customer reviews. I've been in audio for about 45 years going back to my late high school days. A lot of gear has passed through my hands during that time. Mainly hardware with little thought of cables until Monster and their Interlink Reference and Powerline 2 speaker cables came out. Many cables and interconnects have been in and out of my system. Ones with "boxes", proprietary wire, solid core, multi-strand, etc.. I finally settled on just "decent" cables. Yes, zip cord for speakers and decent made interconnects, which served me well, and finally, didn't cost me a lot of money.

That is until I bought the MA3's and SP4. I didn't have to wait months to hear a difference. It was apparent and as soon as I started listening. Sort of like "wow.. I have been missing something!".

Long story short, I am very pleased with them and have no thoughts of removing them from my system. The 3 payment plan is great. You really can not beat the 60day home trial. It didn't take me that long to hear the difference. Thanks for a great product, reasonably priced so that even someone retired can afford it!


Craig K Submitted:

I recently attended the Newport THE show, where I casually ran across Morrow Audio via the raffle and the Legacy room, where I remember hearing a very pleasing sound being presented. At the time, I was on the hunt for an all tube integrated amplifier to possibly replace my newly acquired hybrid integrated,which I bought without auditioning based on the favorable reviews that I had read, plus listening to other products in the manufacture''s line.You see, I wasn''t completely happy with the sound I was getting from the amp,and as this was my first jump into the 2-channel audio arena,I was searching for solutions and alternatives available, not thinking that cables could make the kind of difference I was looking for. By chance, I spoke with a audio representative who is a dealer for my amp, and is also a rep for your competition.I told him of my problem, he told me that with the quality of my amp and speakers I should be experiencing great sound, and it could be achieved with the proper cables.''Hmmmmm'' I thought, maybe there is a cheaper solution at hand than the hassle of driving all over creation to dealers to home audition all-tubed amps, as I had planned on doing (to the tune of 600 miles+).

So I started doing some research.I referred to Robert Harley''s ''The Complete Guide to High -End Audio'' , where he talks about the skin effect, and how it can be nullified via cables that utilize litz construction. Then I ran across your ad in the show program, and saw that your cables use solid core wires.Now my interest is rising. On to your website, where I read about the potential of having game-changing sound, only to be followed by reading scores of reviews by people like me telling others of the great results they are experiencing with your product.A phone call to you confirms what my research and first impressions from the show had told me - this is a company that appears to be rock solid and genuine, and is not selling costly voodoo snake oil but affordable products that many people are excited about and that truly believe in.

My MA4''s arrived last Monday and I can''t tell you how much of a difference they have made in the sound quality of my system. I am now enjoying the sound (to varying degrees,from mild to wild, depending on the quality of the cd''s recording) - and can appreciate all the attributes that I had read about in my amp''s reviews, but could not hear in my living room.

Thank you for a wonderful product - as I have a SACD player, I will be calling you for recommendations for the 3 pairs of cables that I now want to replace as well.

For all those out there who are doubtful of a cables'' affect on your systems'' sound, with Mike''s money back guaranty, you have nothing to lose, and only audio bliss to gain. Try these cables- I''m certainly glad I did. Highly recommended - Craig


David B:

I have held off replying as the cables have been going through that settling in phase for about a month (on and off). I wanted to wait until they were a bit more settled before writing back. If you post my comments to your site, here's another testimony to the reality of cable break in. IT IS REAL. Clearly audible. Without a doubt there were major shifts and changes as my cables settled in. They have been pretty smooth, clear, stable, and with solid imagery for about a week and a bit now.

The sound is very very good. I have a fairly high resolution set up and these cables have really come into their own. The sound is extremely well balanced. A great mix of clarity, punch, warmth, good highs, and very good and defined bass. In fact the last change in the cables was the bass moving from present and strong, to becoming more articulate whilst retaining punch.

Your Morrow Cables have been the best I have used and have really allowed my system to shine. I have been going back a re-listening to albums I haven't heard since the changes. Albums I know well and the presentation is just great. Cohesive, detailed but not harsh or trebly, and engaging. I find myself sitting in the "sweet spot" and a whole side to an album plays through and I am totally immersed in just listening. Listening and smiling... smiling a lot.

I am very happy with the cables to say the least.

Plus, I want to say, I have been just as happy with your communication, assistance and customer care. Mike you have answered my questions and been very prompt and helpful. It's great to see that in a business. I must also add that I would like to say how pleasant and professional April Pinkelton has been too. As you are her manager/boss I would like to let you know she has done her job very well. Great customer relations/care.

Thank you again for providing great cables, at great value, and for understanding those of us that just love our music and want to get the most from that experience. 


Scott F:

I wanted to take this time, to send you a message here. I belong to a VERY LARGE audio club here in Knoxville, TN. RA was telling GM about your cables. GM bought a pair, but alas, they were too short for what he had in mind. A few days later, the captain came by, and he gave to Capt. the cables to bring to me, for me to borrow. They hung up along with a myriad of other cables, well, because I already had plenty of good cables on hand. "Yeah, Yeah, I'll get to those here in a few days". I started listening the night before last. G said they already had several hours break-in, but not enough. Crazy CRAZY crazy. sure enough, the cables changed character just while I was listening to them, over the course of the last 2 evenings. WOWW, just like you claim in the white paper !!

I have got to make a long story short, because I don't type so fast. Please see below the line for the recent message sent out to the fellas:

Re: Follow-up/ Morrow Cables

After further intense, and SERIOUS listening last night. I stand behind the MA-1's 1000% After discussing the details with G, it turns out that his, are Standard MA-1's. At this point, I see no reason to order any other of the upgrades. Of course, I reserve the right to change my viewpoint/and is subject to change over time.

I printed out the SSI Technology white paper, from his web site, and absorbed it all like a sponge does to water.

EERIE goosebumps as he had described on paper, exactly what was in store for my listening experience. Mike Morrow must have one hell of a system. I'll have to look into it.

Mike Morrow must have one hell of a system. I'll have to look into it.

I just did, it's behind you in the introduction video. Based on large round horns for the mid-range. No kidding, that's how I do it as well. Even the same colour red. No wonder.

But, here's the thing. I know a LOT of audiophiles. I mean a LOT. Once the word gets out, you might expect an increase in business. Some of the guys I know, are also in the cable business. I'll try and be gentle with them.

Next, I'm going to order a pair for Capt. S, and then another longer set for me, to go from my source section, over to the active crossover section. Eventually, I'll change all cables to Morrow. (Amazing, just like you said in the video).

What else can I say? I Am impressed, and I don't impress very easily.


Ronald C:

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how musically and emotionally satisfying your cables are. They possess true magic, naturalness, presence, realism and gorgeous color.


Miles F:

I love the new cables. From experience with other Morrow cables, I broke them in for 100 hours using a burn in track before inserting them in my system. As advertised, they increased the detail and micro-dynamics, as well as better bass control.


Mike B:

Hi Mike, I just wanted to share my experience with your MAP4 power cords. I received my 2 power cords with 10 days of burn in . I placed them on my Preamp and Power amp as per your recommendation. I turned on my system and gave them an additional 2 days to settle in before doing any critical listening . I was amazed at the increase in sound quality . The soundstage grew substantially across the frequency range . The music is smoother and more liquid than ever . Now when you consider your power cords replaced Silnote cords that were between my Richard Gray Power Center and my equipment , receiving that much improvement is nothing short of phenomenal ! What a perfect compliment to my Morrow MA5 Interconnects and my Morrow SP5 Speaker Cables . This has been an absolutely fantastic experience!


Michael S:

Having had a good listen to the MA4 interconnects reveals they are much better overall compared to the MA2 cables and this is well before they run in, the sound is just bigger with a little more of everything, I guess it is the old saying, you get what you pay for and usually the better the quality of cable the more expensive it is to purchase but the results are certainly worth it!

Will be posting back the trade-in MA2 cables very soon, will keep you posted (so to speak!!)

Kind regards from a very happy customer!


David B:

Just letting you know that the speaker cables have arrived (SP4s with 2 day burn in).

I installed them last night and had a quick listen.

I know it¹s early stages yet, but I certainly agree with the vast majority of descriptions from your happy customers. Detail, imaging, and musicality are all very impressive. The cables have made quite a substantial positive change to my system.

I¹m very happy with the SP4s; and I am looking forward to the MA4s arriving too.

I will send you a more detailed feedback/review once all the cables have settled into my system.

All the best and thanks for making a great product.

I would highly recommend these cables to anyone.

Kind regards,

David B


Rishi T:

Hope you're doing well, here's my review of the SP3 Speaker wires.

To be honest I've tried some local high grade cables and an import too, however I've never heard anything like the SP3, they are absolutely a class apart. I would always get a sharp and muddy sound from the speaker mids from the other cables and since I have some high end speakers always wondered why, well this was taken care of as I installed the SP3. It sends out the perfect balance of sound, the way it was meant to be, and I'd recommend it to anyone looking to get reference grade speaker wires. Thanks once again..You're Brilliant.



Mike , I just received my SP5 speaker cables today . They are absolutely fabulous! I recently replaced my Anti-Cables Level 3 Interconnects with Morrow MA5’s . Even with a 13 day burn in period they required an additional 150 hours before they began to blossom . So in order to complete my system, I replaced my Anti-Cable Level 3 speaker cables with the New Production SP5’s . So with 10 Days of burn in , I installed them today and started to listen . They are worlds above of the Anti-Cables. The depth of imaging has increased substantially. Clarity and detail has improved across the entire frequency range . Also it has been a pleasant surprise that they are extremely liquid and exhibit this much smoothness so early . If they didn’t improve, I would be satisfied. But I know that they are going be be substantially better . And for that , I am truly excited . I’m a satisfied returning customer . Respectfully, Mike


Tom I:

Hi Mike I have had my stereo running for 7 straight days now with the new cables! each time I sit down to listen I am in awe - it seems like a veil has been lifted! every instrument is there and nicely balanced in the big sound stage bass is taught and deeper - mids, highs and details just fantastic! Nope, these cables are staying with me! (SP6 Speaker Cables)


Jon M:


The difference - already - with the SP6 speaker cable is remarkable! My best regards, Jon M


Greg Erickson:

Hi Mike,

Hope all is going well with your move to the new building. Always lots of details...

And detail is what I am getting with those wonderful MA-6 20 foot XLR interconnects and SP6 speaker cables I got from you last November. In addition to the detail I gained just a slight touch of warmth, a drop of honey if you will, to the overall sound. My preamp is a Bel Canto Pre6 which is as neutral as it gets and my speakers, VMPS RM30 Series 2, are ribbon mids and tweets and run very clean. Bryston 28 bsst2 are mono blocks (they also add a drop of honey). So a slight sweetening is desirable. It sounds very, very nice. Another session last night ran into the wee hours. These replaced Blue Jeans XLR terminated ICs that I felt did a credible job. But the cable change was a significant upgrade. No noise at all with your MA-6.

The rest of the system is Well Tempered Amadeus TT, Grado Reference Master MI cart and Hagerman Cornet2 Phono that i built and use Amperex NOS 12AX7/12AU7 tubes.

WOW! Thank you so much for making it happen for me.

And some day in the not too distant future I want to move up to the PH-6 and the MA-6 from phono pre to the Bel Canto. I have your 4 series cables there now.

Greg Erickson



Gday Mike, Its Victor from Sydney, Australia reporting back on the SP6 speaker cables. I have run them in for around 75 hours on my upstairs bedroom setup and only today put them into my main system downstairs. I must say the sound emanating from my speakers sounds more alive and detailed compared to my previous speaker cables. The bass seems to delve down another octave and is tightly controlled! I am now eager to receive the MA6 interconnects I have ordered from you.



"I wanted to take a minute to provide some feedback concerning your MA6 Interconnects, SP6 Speaker Cables, and your MAP3 Reference Power Cords. All of these models have greatly enhanced my audio system. I was using top of the line and high cost Nordost and Kimber products before and after replacing them with your products, I can say that the quality and performance of sound across the spectrum was definitely elevated. I describe the sound as simply elegant. Your products are reasonably priced; I would say a bang for the buck, just what is needed in the audio world today. Highly recommended." Kevin - Louisville


Tod Tucker

Hey Mike! "Got my NEW SP-6''s last week and after another few hours of break in, ''I CAN NOT BELIEVE MY EARS!'' Wow - really really NICE!. Thank You!... I can''t wait to order 2 pair of IC''s (MA-6''s)....I want the matching IC''s ASAP! Thanks!" Tod Tucker



"I have been mixing live sound close to 20 years as well as gone through many sound systems over the past 35 years. I have wasted away a lot of money trying to achieve the sound as if one was playing an instrument live. These cables do just that! They don't add any coloration to the music. You feel & hear the real soul of the instruments and vocals. I have had other sound engineers in my home to listen to these cables. Their mouths would drop open & thay would have big smiles on their faces! Save your money. Buy these cables!" Garry


Fredric N

"I have the SP-6's on the high part of my bi-wiring. They are, the best cables I've owned, and that includes Straight Wire. Speltz anti-cable and the Soundstring Audio cable. This cable even out did the SP-3 bi-wired cable, which I traded up for this one. The SP6 has all around better resolution, clarity, soundstage, tone and pitch definition, not to mention focus. I would not fail to recommend these cables to anyone, including the company and Mike Morrow. He offers you great cables at very good prices, with very flexible and fair trade- up and trade-in policies, not to mention discounts. Sincerely, Fredric N".


Bob Smallcorn

"What a fantastic cable. I have been happy with the Chords but I wanted to replace them with another leading brand that would have cost in excess of $6,000. Then quite by accident I came across Morrow Audio. Its not just the product and the competetive price, its Mike''s attitude. Nothing is too much trouble. He treated me like a friend and I am 6,000 miles from him." Bob Smallcorn, Australia