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All cables are handmade to order by our in-house technicians. You can liken our cables to fine, handmade watches. They take time and exact precision to build. Your patience will be rewarded with an unforgettable audio experience. We take great pride in our products, so much so that the technician bears his name on the label.


We appreciate your patience and understanding. It is worth the wait. You will soon experience your music like never have before...

“My system has never sounded like this. You promised and delivered! I am experiencing beautiful sounds here. Many audiophiles can wax poetic on all this but I'm just going to say that the Morrow cables are working like I want them too; a dramatic difference in all areas of subjective analysis. You should be, and I think you are, proud of your products and design achievements!" - John B

*This does not include time for shipping or breakin service if that was ordered. Please note that some components for our Elite and Anniversary levels might be slightly delayed from our suppliers due to Covid.


You can immediately see your real time order status by clicking the My Cable Order Status, found under Help > Customer Service > My Cable Order Status.

Our system will automatically send you an email update each time your order moves from one stage to the other in the assembly department, like when it reaches a holding area, when the technician is building your order, when the cables go on the break-in machine, etc. Morrow Audio is the only cable company that has this level of customer service!

RESTRICTIONS: Legacy has regional restrictions. Please Contact Us before buying to see if we can sell to your location. We can only sell to USA locations.

All Legacy Audio products are handmade to order and ship direct to you from the factory. When your order is placed with us, we immediately place the order with Legacy.

Legacy builds the cabinets and applies your selected finish. They then go to the electronics assembly department where the drivers and crossovers are installed. After that, the speakers go to a special sound room where the crossovers are hand tuned so that the speakers match acoustically perfect. Lastly, the speakers go to the shipping department where they are packed, then shipped out to you.

Typical orders take 6 weeks for Legacy Audio products before shipping out, depending on model and finish chosen. Recently, due to material supply problems, such as getting wood supplies, the time for orders may be longer. If you would like an exact estimate, please Contact Us.

Legacy will email you the tracking number when shipped.