Our Story



Aretha Franklin signed with Columbia Records and Frank Sinatra started his own recording label. Mick Jagger and Keith Richards met by chance on a train leading to the formation of the Rolling Stones. And, U2’s "Bono" was born—but, so was Mike Morrow.

Mike Morrow, President & CEO

Morrow was born in Covington, Kentucky and raised in Fort Mitchell. Since childhood, Mike was fascinated with music and audio equipment. By age seven, he was dissecting radios. He would frequently sit on his swing set in the backyard and study an old transistor radio, taking the back off to explore its intricacies while listening to Magic Carpet Ride, Dizzy, Chubby Checker classics and other popular Billboards.

Mike was pulled into a vortex that would later serve as a catalyst in the world of audio. At age 10, Mike’s father noticed his keen interest in electronics and bought him an original science fair electronic kit. Mike built a radio with that very kit and expanded on this experiment bringing several concepts to school. Classmates were intrigued.

Mike’s 5th grade experience, however, led him deeper into his own vortex of sound. His school held a campus-wide hearing test with more than 1,500 students. The test consisted of playing musical notes via headphones followed by a series of additional tones. Student-listeners had to decipher which note was higher or lower in frequency. As one might guess—Mike nailed it and received the top score in the entire school. He was dubbed "golden ears" and immediately, teachers wanted to place him on the violin.

Mike's most memorable Christmas.

Morrow was not interested in playing music—he was fascinated in hearing the music and sounds with all it offered his ears from intonations and shadings to instrumentation and every detail available. Turns out—Mike was born an audiophile, he just did not know it. He was gifted with a passion and ability to make the listening experience better. In fact, when Mike was in high school, he built a P-Box Amplifier with his own modifications, which produced exemplary sound according to his electronics teacher who was impressed with the quality and detail that followed Morrow’s hand-crafted design.

Whether rigging one or 15 tweeters and midrange drivers from Radio Shack on an old corner speaker or making pristine sound come from a cardboard box speaker — Mike’s hands and ears were engaged. The vortex ensued.

After graduating High School in 1979, Mike opened his first TV repair shop in a chicken coop that was attached to his family’s garage. He painted "Mikes TV" on a plywood panel and placed it on the garage. The chicken coop TV repair shop with its dirt floor and a 55-gallon-drum for a wood stove heater.

One year later, Mike’s TV grew and expanded to the family garage. With an $8 service charge for house calls, Morrow was abundant with business and exceeded $10,000 in sales in 1980, which lead to the opening of "TV Hospital" in Chattanooga, Tennessee after dropping out of Technical College (Mike’s professors asked him to stop answering class questions to give others a chance). After relocating to Northern Kentucky (NKY), Morrow founded "TV Doctor" servicing a large customer base from a modest store-front business spanning customers in the NKY and Greater Cincinnati region.

As business slowed over time, and TV’s became more advanced and less-in-need of regular maintenance and repair, Mike invested in the innovation and practice of developing quality audio products, which sucked him back into his childhood vortex—making sound better.

In 2006, Mike founded "Morrow Audio" with a self-made website and selling his homemade SET 300B Power Amplifiers. With minimal advertising, Mike sold about six amp sets leading him to include his specially-designed audio cables.


The Morrow Audio 300B power amplifiers.


Where it all began... in the basement, 2007.

The Morrow Audio cable lines were an immediate success and ballooned to a boon business that catapulted him into setting up a manufacturing facility where he has assembled the finest hand-crafting product development technicians in the world.

Work in progress on the assembly department in the new building, 2017.


The assembly department, as it is now.


Getting the record store ready that is in front of the factory. Mikes wife, Mary.


Morrow Records today.

Morrow began to receive feedback from customers that his $79.00 MA1 introductory cables were exceedingly better than their $3,000.00 brand name cables causing them to replace big-name products well-known in the industry. The decision was made to drop the amplifier line and focus the business on high-end cables. Morrow Audio became a game-changer. Since then, Morrow has focused on his customer demands, quality, out-of-the-box innovation and his very own SSI Technology. He continues to invent, improve, enhance and revolutionize the audio world with his Morrow Audio line of cables.

Today, Morrow Audio products and customers are all over the world in over 80 countries. He has increased his product lines with the launch of the Elite and Anniversary cables. In short, when it comes to Mike’s customers in their pursuit to hear perfection in their systems — they too, get wrapped in the Morrow vortex—a regular reminder that Morrow Audio truly is A Sound Decision.