At Morrow Audio you get…

  • 60 Day Returns*.
  • Lifetime Warranty

“Wow! I hooked up the new Morrow bi-wire cables and was surprised just how much of a positive sound impact these cables make; bass, midrange and soundstage are so much bigger. This was a very good investment!” - Marty T

60 Day Returns:
The moment you receive your cables, you have 60 days to experience the improvements that our technology provides.

*Returns are not allowed without a penalty until after the first 30 days of the 60 day return period has passed. The 60 day period begins when you receive the order. This policy allows for proper settling in time and cable break-in time in your system. Even if our break-in service was used, this first 30 day period is critical to fully experience the expansive soundstage, musicality and realism that our cables provide. See customer testimonials.

To make a return, read the return policy below and follow the provided link to our returns form. We will send you a return approval by email. You will receive a full refund less shipping when received.

Order Cancellations:
After you place an order, we allow a 12 hour grace period if you need to completely cancel the order. After the 12 hour grace period, there is a 10% to 15% order cancellation fee. When you place an order, we are charged various fees that we do not get back when your order is canceled and refunded. The size of the order cancellation fee also depends on the progress of your order build.

If you are charged an order cancellation fee, we will be happy to apply it as a store credit on your next order.

Did you make a mistake on your order that can be adjusted without an order cancellation?
No problem! We understand that sometimes a mistake is made like ordering the wrong length or termination. Let us know, however, as soon as possible. If we have already started to build the order, there might be cost involved. Follow the motto "measure twice, cut once." 

”The Morrow cables sound so natural. Everything sounds so controlled and precise. They have fantastic transient response and excellent dynamics. The way it helps paint the picture of your music is truly beautiful. They help you hear the little nuances and details in your music that you may have otherwise missed. I can hear more of the details in the tracks I am listening to. With the other cables, the details would be covered up by a slightly muddied sound.” - legion1capone  

Before You Make a Return:
Breakin is very important. We provide a long return period so that you can properly break in your cables. Returning them before the breakin is complete will rob you of the awesome sound, musicality and realism that our products provide. See the Cable Owners Manual, which shows what you will hear as the breakin process progresses.

"After the cable breakin, the MA3 interconnects are awesome in my system! WOW! Your cables kicked major butt over the 4 times more expensive interconnects I was using. Now, I am a believer!"

Policy and Instructions:

  1. After you read this complete policy, begin your return through our Returns Form Here.
  2. Returned cables must be postmarked within the last 30 days of the 60 day return period which begins when you receive the cables. Returns will not be accepted before the first 30 days of the 60 day return period. If a return is received prior to the required 30 day period, a restocking fee will be accessed and deducted from your refund.
  3. We offer exchanges through the form as well, like if you received the cable and realize that you ordered the wrong length, etc. An exchange request must be submitted within 5 days of receiving the order. Applicable but fair fees might apply.
  4. Upon receiving approval, we will send you an email with instructions.
  5. Print out the approval email and put it in the box with the cables.
  6. Put "Return" or "Exchange" on the box and ship to: Morrow Audio, 6608 Dixie Highway, Florence, KY 41042
  7. Cables must be in good condition and returned with all packaging, any free gifts, free promotional products or free giveaways received as well as the product catalog/ owners manual.
  8. If it is for a return, a full refund less applicable shipping charges will be given to the original method of payment when received. If you received free USA shipping, $10.00 for shipping and handling will be deducted from your refund.
  9. If the item was on sale, you will receive a full refund of the amount you paid, less applicable shipping charges.

Items Not Refundable:
Clearance cables, cables purchased through the trade up program and custom cables are not returnable for a refund. A custom cable is defined as one that is of any configuration not offered on the website. Cable breakin service is not refundable, being a service that you received. If you selected any shipping other than our free USA shipping, that and international shipping are not refundable.

International policies:

Taxes & duties:
International customers are responsible for the taxes and duties for their country. If you refuse a package, you will be charged for any cost that we incur and other fees.

We are required by law to claim the full value of what you paid for the package, save us facing a hefty fine.

A solution is to have it shipped to a friend with a USA address, then have that person re-ship it to you. The value claimed is then between you and your friend.

US Code 305:
(1) Failure to file; submission of false or misleading information.—Any person who knowingly fails to file or knowingly submits false or misleading export information through the Shippers Export Declaration (SED) (or any successor document) or the Automated Export System (AES) shall be subject to a fine not to exceed $10,000 per violation or imprisonment for not more than 5 years, or both.

Shipments that go into default:

Shipping companies sometimes need to reach out to the customer before delivery for the reason of taxes and duties, incorrect address, etc.

If the shipper needs to reach out to you before delivery and you are not able to be reached, the shipment might go into default. We will do everything possible to contact you. If default is imminent, we can choose to have them discard the shipment.

Unfortunately, due to the expenses we incur from a defaulted shipment, no refund will be given if the package goes into default. Instead, if we are later contacted by you, we can either build and ship the order again, or issue you a store credit. There can be no returns in either case.  Additional shipping charges will also apply.

This situation can be avoided by contacting us if you will not be available for the shipment or if you cannot be reached through the information that you provided to us.

Morrow Audio has the right to waive a return request or charge for services if abuse to the policy is evident such as multiple orders with returns or repeatedly missed orders or mistakes which are prevalent for a customer.

Policies are subject to change without notice.