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Trade-up Program

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Trade in your existing Morrow Audio Cable for a different or higher model at a great savings! Cross and parallel trading is allowed.

Your Morrow Audio trade in cable can be of any length, termination, value or model with this program.

1) Choose the cables that you want to trade to.

2) Read the trade-up policy below. Placing your order signifies that you agree to the policy.

3) Place your order using the 50% off coupon code: TRADEUP (Coupon codes can be applied at checkout.)

4) Put in the Special Notes field on the cart page the cables that you are trading in.


1) There are no returns or refunds for the cable products that you receive through this program.

2) You must already have the cables in your physical possession that you are trading in.

3) It does not matter where you bought your Morrow Audio trade in cables.

4) You can trade any Morrow Audio cable model for any other Morrow Audio cable model.

5) We will allow cross trading: SP2 for MA3, MAP1 for SP3, etc.

6) Your trade up does not need to go up to the next level. You can trade to any level, even trade down to a lower level. This is helpful when you find that you need a longer length but wish to stay with the same model.

7) Lengths do not need to match. You can trade in a short cable for a long one or vice versa.

8) Trade ups must be for NEW cables. You cannot trade up to used cables.

9) Additional coupon codes cannot apply when doing a cable trade up.

10) Grace period for shipping us your trade in cables: You agree to ship your Morrow Audio trade in cables within 10 days after receiving the new cables.

Ship your trade in cables to:

Morrow Audio
6608 Dixie Highway
Florence, KY 41042

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