Morrow Cable Trade-up Program

"Trading up my Morrow cables to the MA4, MA5 and SP3 has been an ear opening experience. The musicality and  flow I'm hearing, along with deeper extended bass is just the start! The midrange is full of bloom and the highs are airy and articulate. Cymbals excel with precision. Bravo!" - Jeff


Do you have an existing Morrow Audio cable? Want to upgrade to a higher model, or cross trade to a different  cable? Perhaps you want to upgrade to the new design? This program is for you!

Get 65% off the Morrow cables desired right now for the Morrow cables that you trade in later! This large discount is what you receive as credit for your trade in cable. Other discounts and offers cannot apply.

Don’t have any Morrow Audio cables to trade in? Experience greater realism and musicality by taking advantage of our sale.


1) Read the trade-up policy below. Placing your order signifies that you agree to the policy.

2) Add to the cart the cables you want to purchase. You can only purchase the number of cables that are equal to the number of cables that you are trading in.

3) List in the "special notes" area on the cart page the Morrow Audio cables that you are trading in.

4) Use the coupon code: CableTradeUp65 (note that there are no returns when using this program). The 65% discount you receive when using the code is your trade-in credit. The credit is applied right away to your new order. Other discounts and offers cannot apply.

5) Ship us your trade-in cables within 10 days of receiving the new cables.


1) There are no returns with this program. Lifetime warranty applies.

2) You must already have the Morrow Audio cables in your physical possession that you are trading in.

3) The upgrade must be a cable for a cable. Trading in multiple cables for one cable is not allowed. Likewise, trading in one cable for multiple cables is not allowed. It must be single cable for single cable or cable pair for cable pair.

4) Grace period for shipping us your trade in cables: You agree to ship your Morrow Audio trade in cables within 10 days after receiving the new cables.

Ship your trade in cables to:

Morrow Audio
6608 Dixie Highway
Florence, KY 41042