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Morrow Audio & COVID-19

The Kentucky Governor has issued an order that you can see here. This temporary closure could be extended until the end of April per Donald Trumps announcement.

    What does this mean for you?

    1. ORDERS CAN STILL BE PLACED.  Placing your order now will greatly help us continue payroll and other expenses. Your help and support are greatly appreciated!
    2. SPECIAL SALE DURING THIS TIME! Get 45% off all cables with code: SAVE45 
    3. WE CAN STILL BE REACHED: We are here for you! Our staff are working from home to help you through email. Use any of our online forms or email us directly at morrowaudio@gmail.com
    4. PRODUCTION WILL SOON RESUME: Production will be ramped up once we are back in the office to quickly get out the products that you ordered.
    5. Live Chat will not be active during this time.
    6. Phones will not be available since we are out of the office.
    7. Our Easy-Pay/ Splitit payment program is still available and all payments will continue without interruption.
    8. DO NOT SHIP us any returns, trade up cables or warranty repairs. We have temporally established some guidelines below.

    What does this mean for Morrow Audio?

    1. This means a delay in production. Our staff worked hard to get as many orders out  as possible before the temporary closing. We have special planning in place that will ramp up production when we reopen.
    2. We are safe! There is no danger of our going out of business.

      Effective 3/26/2020, due to the COVID-19 situation, Morrow Audio is suspending (freezing) the following for 30 days:

      1. Returns/ Refunds: This includes any order, regardless of when the order was placed.
      2. Order Cancellations/ Refunds: This includes any order, regardless of when the order was placed.

      What does this mean?

      We are simply freezing the above for a 30 day period. When the 30 days are up, any remaining time that you had before the freeze was issued, will resume.

      Example: Say you have 20 days left on your 60 day cable return. This will be pushed out for 30 days, in which at the end of that 30 days, your remaining 20 days left in your return period will begin. Nothing is lost, just pushed out for 30 days.

      This is actually a benefit to you, providing more time for breakin and the enjoyment of our cables.

      Full order cancellations will not be accepted during this 30 day freeze period.  This is where you want to cancel your complete order. Orders will continue to be manufactured and shipped out once we are back in the office. You can return them at a later time for a refund after the 30 day freeze period has ended, according to our return policy.

      If you need to change your order: Order changes/ modifications can still be made. This includes cancelling an existing order to place a different order, due to a mistake you made. Please contact us with the changes you desire.

      Warranty Repairs/ Trade Up Cables: Please wait until we are back in the office to contact and ship us any warranty repairs or trade up cables.

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