Elite Power Cord

"Upon the cable switch it was obvious that something favorable had occurred. What was previously a reference quality pre-amp has now climbed upward a few steps. The previous cord while seemingly performing all its tasks in an exemplary manner was now being outperformed by the Elite power cord. Everything good just became more. It was all better....... and it was all great before.The Elite let the pre-amp open up a good deal more in all the areas for which it was auditioned and purchased. It was like getting a bonus for something I did not know existed." - Tracy
  • Our power cables use Silver-coated Copper stranded wire in multiple runs for each leg.As you move up the line, more runs of wire are introduced, providing higher resolution and current handling.

    The cable is flexible and easy to manage. We incorporate a  proprietary weaving of the wires which provide a low noise floor with excellent RFI rejection.

    They come available in either white or black to accompany your decor.
  • Please refer to the below guideline when choosing the right power cable for your application. The higher you go in the line, regardless of application, the better the sound will be due to the more runs of wire and lower impedance.

    Power Conditioners:
    MAP3 - Anniversary, MAP2 for those on a limited budget.

    Source Components:
    MAP1 - MAP3

    Integrated Amplifiers and Receivers:
    MAP1 for low power equipment, MAP2 - MAP4 for higher power equipment.

    Power Amplifiers:
    MAP3 - Anniversary, MAP1 - MAP2 for lower power units.
  • The termination options can be seen individually in the photos. All termination options are the exceptional top of the line Furutech.
  • You will find great enjoyment and improvements right out of the box. Our power cables take around 200 hours to fully break in. You can speed this process up with our optional break-in service.

    If you decide to do this yourself, a cable owners manual is always provided with your order which explains what you will hear during the breakin process.
  • There are 3 legs in our power cords; hot, neutral and ground. Total combined wire gauge on each leg is 11 gauge.

    There are 24 runs of wire in the Elite Power Cord, including the highly acclaimed Furutech FI-50 (R) IEC and FI-50M (R) AC plugs. A special weaving of the wires are incorporated to reject RFI. Plugs are rated at 15 amps. If a 20 amp IEC is needed, please contact us.
  • A 30 day return comes with all brand new cables. The return period begins when you receive the cables. See Policy

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