MAP3 Power Cord

NOTE: Wattgate has made improvements to their AC plugs, so the appearance might be different from that shown in the photos.

"The MAP3 is exceptional with percussion of all types: very quick and clean. Something I have experienced before, but not to this degree. Not only are the point sources very clean and well-articulated and very musical, not only is the sound stage very open extending beyond the physical speakers, but the vertical stratification and layering of the instrumentation and voices is really quite remarkable without over-playing its hand." - Ed
  • Our power cables use Silver-coated Copper stranded wire in multiple runs for each leg. As you move up the line, more runs of wire are introduced, providing higher resolution and current handling.

    The cable is flexible and easy to manage. We incorporate a  proprietary weaving of the wires which provide a low noise floor with excellent RFI rejection.
  • Please refer to the below guideline when choosing the right power cable for your application. The higher you go in the line, regardless of application, the better the sound will be due to the more runs of wire and lower impedance.

    Power Conditioners:
    MAP3 - Anniversary, MAP2 for those on a limited budget.

    Source Components:
    MAP1 - MAP3

    Integrated Amplifiers and Receivers:
    MAP1 for low power equipment, MAP2 - MAP4 for higher power equipment.

    Power Amplifiers:
    MAP3 - Anniversary, MAP1 - MAP2 for lower power units.
  • The termination options can be seen individually in the photos. The name in the photos corresponds with the selection you should choose in the shopping cart. Not show is a bare wire option for soldering the power cord directly into the equipment for those who so desire.The majority of termination options are from Wattgate.

    One thing that needs to be mentioned is that we now offer a low profile IEC for those who do not have space on the back of their equipment for the regular Wattgate IEC. Please check for proper clearance before ordering.
  • You will find great enjoyment and improvements right out of the box. Our power cables take around 200 hours to fully break in. You can speed this process up with our optional break-in service.

    If you decide to do this yourself, a cable owners manual is always provided with your order which explains what you will hear during the breakin process.
  • There are 3 legs in our power cords; hot, neutral and ground. Total combined wire gauge on each leg is 14 gauge.
    There are 12 runs of wire in the MAP3 Power Cord. A special weaving of the wires are incorporated to reject RFI. Plugs are rated at 15 amps, unless the 20 Amp IEC is incorporated.
  • The return period begins when you receive the cables. See Policy

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