Speaker Internal Wiring Kits - Speaker Pair

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This kit will do a pair of speakers that has up to 6 drivers in each speaker. In this kit, for each wire set you choose, you receive two positive wires and two negative wires. 

You have enjoyed great improvements with our speaker cables; greater resolution, a larger soundstage, profound realism, etc.

What about the internal wiring in your speakers? You can now experience the same improvements with our SSI Technology all the way to your speaker drivers with these speaker internal wiring kits!

All the wires come as pictured with tinned ends for easy soldering. Positive and negative wires are identified on each end with red (positive) and black (negative) colored identifying bands.

Important note: Our wires cannot be cut. There are many tiny wires inside that take an industrial solder pot to strip and solder together. Conventional wire strippers and methods cannot work.

Initial inspection: Before placing your order, you will need to inspect your speakers to determine the lengths needed. The easiest way to gain this is by removing the drivers. Manufactures leave enough length of wire where you can set the driver off to the side on the cabinet without removing the wires. Removing the binding post plate can also help gain access.

Choosing your kit level: Choose the level of kit desired through the drop down provided. The wires in the kit you choose will have the same specifications to the equivalent speaker cables noted in the drop down.

Choosing your wire set lengths: These drop down choices specify the length of the wires that you will need in your kit to complete your modification. For each one selected you get a separate positive and negative wire. This is also doubled up in this kit, providing enough for you to do a pair of speakers. If you do not need a particular wire set, choose "not needed" in the drop down. The first 2 come at no additional charge, enough to do a pair of 2 way speakers with a binding post integrated crossover board.

Example: If you have 2 way speakers as described above, you will need to select 2 different wire set lengths to provide all the wires needed to do your pair of speakers...
Set 1 can be for the crossover board to the tweeter.
Set 2 can be for the crossover board to the woofer.
There is no specificity to what set is for what application, just be sure that you have all the lengths needed when you place the order.

Important: Please consider any extra length needed where you might need to remove a driver for inspection or service in the future, enough to lay the driver on the front of the speaker with the wires intact. The extra length will not effect the sound.

Installation: Remove the drivers and lay them on the speaker, leaving the original wires attached. Switch the original wires out with the new one by one. Doing so will eliminate any errors or wiring mistakes.

The wires in our kits are not directional. You can install the wires in any direction.

When all the wiring has been replaced, re-install the drivers, taking care to not pinch the wires. If your drivers were glued in, clear rubber silicon can be used successfully, wiping off any excess.

A word about push on connectors: If you discover that you have push on connectors on the existing wires, do not use these again. Instead, solder on the new wires directly to the driver post. These push on connectors cause distortions due to an oxidation layer that develops between the connector and receiving driver post. You will notice increased resolution with these removed.

Good soldering practices: Always be sure that the wire is in direct contact with the post first before applying the solder. you do not want the wire "floating" in the solder, not making contact with the post.

Use a 25 to 40 watt soldering iron, not a soldering gun, which might overheat the connector, causing damage. Make sure that the iron is tinned properly for good heat transfer. Good solder joints are smooth, not peaky or jagged.<

Disclaimer: Purchasing a kit acknowledges that the buyer understands that Morrow Audio will not be held responsible for any damage incurred to your speakers as you install the kit. All associated risk and responsibility bears on the buyer and/ or kit installer. Installing the kit might also void your speaker manufacturers warranty.

Returns: There are no returns on our Speaker Internal Wiring Kits.