Reference USB Cable

Please note that breakin service cannot be provided for our USB cable.

"The Reference USB cable is a great improvement over my existing Audioquest Carbon cable. This cable manages to do surprising things for digital music. I know the difference between brighter sound and more detailed sound. The Grand Reference USB has a more detailed sound. I can hear this in both voices and instruments. Another surprise is that I finally understand what other people mean by holographic sound. It's a point when you feel immersed in the music as if it were playing around you. Everything feels large in height and depth with great separation too. Thanks for creating such a great product!" - Eric H
  • The USB cable comes as a single cable. Lengths of up to 2 meters are provided. Longer cables cause distortions of the signal. Our USB cable is excellent for any digital signal application. An example is from a computer or streamer to a DAC (digital audio converter), etc. The cable comes in either white or black and is flexible and easy to manage as well as having a low noise floor with excellent RFI rejection.

    What cables to get? Our Buyers Guide can help you choose the perfect cable level for your system.
  • The design of our USB cable is proprietary and we have decided to keep our recipe a secret. 
  • The termination options are type A and type B connectors. Type A is the duckbill style and type B is more squarish.
  • You will find great enjoyment and improvements right out of the box. Our cables however take around 400 hours to fully break in. Breaking service is not provided for our USB cable.
  • Total combined SSI wire gauge: 24 gauge/ each signal leg.
  • The return period begins when you receive the cables. See Policy

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