SP5 Speaker Cable Pair - 576 SSI Wires

"I just received my SP5 audiophile speaker cables today.They are absolutely fabulous! The depth of imaging has increased substantially. Clarity and detail has improved across the entire frequency range . They are extremely liquid and exhibit a great smoothness . I’m a satisfied returning customer ." - Mike B
  • The SP5 audiophile speaker cable contains 576 runs of SSI Technology wire per channel. As you move up the line, more runs are introduced, providing higher and higher resolution.

    The SP5 speaker cables can handle up to 200 watts continuous/ 400 watts peak. They come as standard or bi-wired with 8 inch legs on all ends. The cable is flexible and easy to manage. If longer leg lengths are needed, please contact us.

    HOW TO HOOK UP YOUR SPEAKER CABLES: For regular speaker cables (non-bi-wired), the red is positive and the black is negative.

    BI-WIRED SPEAKER CABLE HOOKUP: High frequencies - Red is positive and Black is negative. Low frequencies -  White is positive and Blue is negative.

    BI-AMPED CABLES: We no longer offer bi-amped speaker cables where there are 4 legs on each end of the cable. Instead we recommend ordering two standard speaker cables per channel to meet your bi-amped needs. This provides greater hookup flexibility as well as better sound over regular bi-amped speaker cables.

    Need more help? Our Buyers Guide can help you choose the perfect cable level for your system.
  • SSI Technology stands for "Solid core, Small gauge, Individually insulated" wires, which is at the heart of our design.

    Morrow Audio cables differ in three major areas of design from other popular cables. Our proprietary technology removes major distortions that are common in most other cable designs. Learn More
  • The termination options are banana, spade, small spade (for vintage equipment or barrier strips) and nude (bare wire bathed in solder). The banana and standard spade are gold plated. You can order the terminations for your cable in any configuration through the drop downs provided.
  • You will find great enjoyment and improvements right out of the box. Our cables however take around 400 hours to fully break in. You can speed this process up with our optional break-in service.

    If you decide to do this yourself, a cable owners manual is always provided with your order which explains what you will hear during the breakin process.
  • Total combined SSI wire gauge: 12 gauge on each positive and negative leg. As you move up the line, the runs of wire increase in the cable structure. The individual wire gauge for each strand of wire likewise decreases.
  • The return period begins when you receive the cables. See Policy