Return/ Exchange Form

Before requesting a return...
Breakin is a very important element with our cables. We provide a generous 60 day return so that you can properly break in your cables.

Returning the cables before the breakin is complete will not allow you to experience the enjoyment, musicality and realism that our products provide. See the Cable Owners Manual, which shows what you will hear as the breakin process progresses.

Our cables require a minimum of 400 hours to fully break in. Here are some customer testimonials as to what you will experience:

"After the cable breakin, the MA3 interconnects are awesome in my system! WOW! Want you to know that your cables kicked major butt over the 4 times more expensive interconnects I was using. Now, I am a believer."

"Gradual, sonic improvements continued all the way through the next 100 hours of music break-in and now at a total of 500 hours they present a glorious soundstage that has pinpoint focus, air and separation of vocals, instrumentals and ensembles...all in an extremely accurate and huge venue with tremendous width, depth and height...Very Musical, Realistic and Live!"

Products not refundable:
Clearance cables, cables purchased through the trade up program and custom cables are not returnable for a refund. A custom cable is defined as one that is of any configuration not offered on the website. Cable breakin service is not refundable, being a service that you received. If you selected any shipping other than our free USA shipping, that and international shipping are not refundable.