Phoenix 1 - 8 SSI Wires

"Most instrument cables use stranded wire in their structure.This causes the bass to be muddy, highs smeary and robs you of the beautiful harmonics that your instrument is producing. Enjoy a profound increase in resolution and rhythmic drive with our instrument line of cables. Let your musical expression and passion rise to new heights." - Mike Morrow

The Phoenix 1 Instrument cable is among the best instrument cable that you will find. The shielded cable is flexible and easy to manage as well as having a low noise floor with excellent RFI rejection. Please find all the details below through the information tabs provided.

NOTE: We recommend to not use a silent plug on the equipment end of the cable when plugging into an amplifier that has a built in speaker. The silent plugs can become magnetized from the speaker causing failure of the plug.

Learn More about our SSI Cable Technology.
  • Sold as a single cable. The Phoenix 1 Instrument Cable contain 8 runs of shielded SSI Technology wire. As you move up the line, more runs are introduced, providing higher and higher resolution.

    The cable is designed for musical instrument applications; guitar, bass guitar, keyboard and all other instruments where a 1/4" output jack is provided.

    What cables to get? Our Buyers Guide can help you choose the perfect cable level for your system.
  • SSI Technology stands for "Solid core, Small gauge, Individually insulated" wires, which is at the heart of our design.

    Morrow Audio cables differ in three major areas of design from other popular cables. Our proprietary technology removes major distortions that are common in most other cable designs. Learn More
  • The termination options are high quality, Neutrik brand, Straight and Angled 1/4" TS Male plugs. A Silent Plug upgrade version is also offered for pop free insertion and disconnects.

  • You will find great enjoyment and improvements right out of the box. Our cables however take around 400 hours to fully break in. You can speed this process up with our optional break-in service.

    If you decide to do this yourself, a cable owners manual is always provided with your order which explains what you will hear during the breakin process.
  • Total combined SSI wire gauge: 24 gauge/ each positive and negative leg.
  • The return period begins when you receive the cables. See Policy

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