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Powerbloc4 Power Amplifier

The Legacy Audio Powerbloc4 is the perfect option for biamping speakers and high performance surround sound applications. Incredible Performance in a Small Package... at a Fair Price.

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    Powerbloc4 is the 4 channel version of the acclaimed Powerbloc2. Audiophiles will appreciate the detail and resolution from the ultra-wide 1.5 Hz to 70 kHz bandwidth. Professionals will love the abundance of effort­less power. Characterized by a solid and taut low end with fully developed shimmer in the top extremes, Powerbloc2is one of the most versatile refer­ence grade amplifiers ever. Now, the Powerbloc4 provides the same performance across four channels!

    The benefits of multi-amplication are inarguable: lower intermodulaton, greater headroom and freedom from harmful clipping. Yet concerns over cost, bulk and complexity have prevented users from enjoying these sub­stantial advantages. The Powerbloc4 can be used to biamp passive speakers alongside Legacy Audio's DSP based processor/crossovers to raise system performance to a new level. They can also be used in high performance theater applications to power center and surround channels.

    Numerous refinements to class D topologies in recent years have resulted in improvements that not only match the neutrality of other high end designs, but actually exceed typical performance parameters in several ways:

    • High damping factor
    • Low output impedance
    • Wide bandwidth
    • Huge dynamic range

    Stable into low impedances, the Powerbloc4 achieves high output without bridging and is exceptionally quiet. No transformer hum, fan noise or long waits after power cycling for stabilization.

    The Legacy Powerbloc4 provides configuration flexibility with four channels of serious power... for serious listening.

    Recommended Cables: Morrow Audio SP6 or higher level speaker cables cables are excellent for this product.

    Our Buyers Guide can also help you choose the perfect cables for your system.

  • The binding post on the amplifier accepts our Standard Spade, Banana and bare wire (nude) cable terminations.

  • Equipment needs break-in. the sound will change slightly during this period. You can expect around 100 hours for complete break-in. Simply play the amplifier at normal listening levels to break it in.
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    Product Manual Download (6 MB)
    Power per side: 325 watts per channel x 4 @ 8 ohms, 650 watts per channel x 4 @ 4 ohms
    Inputs: 4 balanced XLR, 4 unbalanced RCA
    Outputs: 4 pair gold plated safety approved five-way binding posts
    Damping factor: 1,000<1kHz
    Voltage Gain: 27.4 dB
    Dynamic Range: 117 dB
    Peak Current: 30 amps shared channels 1,2 and 30 amps shared channels 3,4
    THD: 0.005% at rated output
    TIM: 0.0045% at rated output
    Input Sensitvity: 2.1 Volts to rated power
    Dimensions: 3" H x 17" W x 14" D
    Unit Weight: 15 lbs
    Shipping Dimensions: 7.5" H x 21.75" W x 16" D
    Shipping Weight: 19 lbs
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