Stocked Cables

In order to better serve you, we will attempt to keep in stock the most popular cable models and their configurations listed below. We will add new categories and their products to the list as they become available.

Things you should know...

1. Cables not listed will be made to order in the time frame shown on our Time For Orders page.

2. If you place an order for any of the listed cables, and they are not in stock, we will built your order as quickly as possible.

3. If you place an order that contains both in stock cables and cables that must be made to order, the entire order will be built according to the time frame shown on the Time For Orders page. We will not divide the order out or ship items separately.

4. If you order our Cable Breakin Service, please factor that time in concerning when your order will ship out.


MA1 through MA7, 1 meter pair with standard RCA's

MA1 through MA7, 1 meter XLR Balanced pair.