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Please find customer reviews on each product page. They are model specific to that product. You can post your review there as well.

Please find some examples below...

David B:

I have held off replying as the cables have been going through that settling in phase for about a month (on and off). I wanted to wait until they were a bit more settled before writing back. If you post my comments to your site, here's another testimony to the reality of cable break in. IT IS REAL. Clearly audible. Without a doubt there were major shifts and changes as my cables settled in. They have been pretty smooth, clear, stable, and with solid imagery for about a week and a bit now.

The sound is very very good. I have a fairly high resolution set up and these cables have really come into their own. The sound is extremely well balanced. A great mix of clarity, punch, warmth, good highs, and very good and defined bass. In fact the last change in the cables was the bass moving from present and strong, to becoming more articulate whilst retaining punch.

Your Morrow Cables have been the best I have used and have really allowed my system to shine. I have been going back a re-listening to albums I haven't heard since the changes. Albums I know well and the presentation is just great. Cohesive, detailed but not harsh or trebly, and engaging. I find myself sitting in the "sweet spot" and a whole side to an album plays through and I am totally immersed in just listening. Listening and smiling... smiling a lot.

I am very happy with the cables to say the least.

Plus, I want to say, I have been just as happy with your communication, assistance and customer care. Mike you have answered my questions and been very prompt and helpful. It's great to see that in a business. I must also add that I would like to say how pleasant and professional April Pinkelton has been too. As you are her manager/boss I would like to let you know she has done her job very well. Great customer relations/care.

Thank you again for providing great cables, at great value, and for understanding those of us that just love our music and want to get the most from that experience.


Scott F:

I wanted to take this time, to send you a message here. I belong to a VERY LARGE audio club here in Knoxville, TN. RA was telling GM about your cables. GM bought a pair, but alas, they were too short for what he had in mind. A few days later, the captain came by, and he gave to Capt. the cables to bring to me, for me to borrow. They hung up along with a myriad of other cables, well, because I already had plenty of good cables on hand. "Yeah, Yeah, I'll get to those here in a few days". I started listening the night before last. G said they already had several hours break-in, but not enough. Crazy CRAZY crazy. sure enough, the cables changed character just while I was listening to them, over the course of the last 2 evenings. WOWW, just like you claim in the white paper !!

I have got to make a long story short, because I don't type so fast. Please see below the line for the recent message sent out to the fellas:

Re: Follow-up/ Morrow Cables

After further intense, and SERIOUS listening last night. I stand behind the MA-1's 1000% After discussing the details with G, it turns out that his, are Standard MA-1's. At this point, I see no reason to order any other of the upgrades. Of course, I reserve the right to change my viewpoint/and is subject to change over time.

I printed out the SSI Technology white paper, from his web site, and absorbed it all like a sponge does to water.

EERIE goosebumps as he had described on paper, exactly what was in store for my listening experience. Mike Morrow must have one hell of a system. I'll have to look into it.

Mike Morrow must have one hell of a system. I'll have to look into it.

I just did, it's behind you in the introduction video. Based on large round horns for the mid-range. No kidding, that's how I do it as well. Even the same colour red. No wonder.

But, here's the thing. I know a LOT of audiophiles. I mean a LOT. Once the word gets out, you might expect an increase in business. Some of the guys I know, are also in the cable business. I'll try and be gentle with them.

Next, I'm going to order a pair for Capt. S, and then another longer set for me, to go from my source section, over to the active crossover section. Eventually, I'll change all cables to Morrow. (Amazing, just like you said in the video).

What else can I say? I Am impressed, and I don't impress very easily.

Ronald C:

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how musically and emotionally satisfying your cables are. They possess true magic, naturalness, presence, realism and gorgeous color.

Miles F:

I love the new cables. From experience with other Morrow cables, I broke them in for 100 hours using a burn in track before inserting them in my system. As advertised, they increased the detail and micro-dynamics, as well as better bass control.

Mike B:

Hi Mike, I just wanted to share my experience with your MAP4 power cords. I received my 2 power cords with 10 days of burn in . I placed them on my Preamp and Power amp as per your recommendation. I turned on my system and gave them an additional 2 days to settle in before doing any critical listening . I was amazed at the increase in sound quality . The soundstage grew substantially across the frequency range . The music is smoother and more liquid than ever . Now when you consider your power cords replaced Silnote cords that were between my Richard Gray Power Center and my equipment , receiving that much improvement is nothing short of phenomenal ! What a perfect compliment to my Morrow MA5 Interconnects and my Morrow SP5 Speaker Cables . This has been an absolutely fantastic experience!

Michael S:

Having had a good listen to the MA4 interconnects reveals they are much better overall compared to the MA2 cables and this is well before they run in, the sound is just bigger with a little more of everything, I guess it is the old saying, you get what you pay for and usually the better the quality of cable the more expensive it is to purchase but the results are certainly worth it!

Will be posting back the trade-in MA2 cables very soon, will keep you posted (so to speak!!)

Kind regards from a very happy customer!

David B:

Just letting you know that the speaker cables have arrived (SP4s with 2 day burn in).

I installed them last night and had a quick listen.

I know it¹s early stages yet, but I certainly agree with the vast majority of descriptions from your happy customers. Detail, imaging, and musicality are all very impressive. The cables have made quite a substantial positive change to my system.

I¹m very happy with the SP4s; and I am looking forward to the MA4s arriving too.

I will send you a more detailed feedback/review once all the cables have settled into my system.

All the best and thanks for making a great product.

I would highly recommend these cables to anyone.

Kind regards,

David B

Rishi T:

Hope you're doing well, here's my review of the SP3 Speaker wires.

To be honest I've tried some local high grade cables and an import too, however I've never heard anything like the SP3, they are absolutely a class apart. I would always get a sharp and muddy sound from the speaker mids from the other cables and since I have some high end speakers always wondered why, well this was taken care of as I installed the SP3. It sends out the perfect balance of sound, the way it was meant to be, and I'd recommend it to anyone looking to get reference grade speaker wires. Thanks once again..You're Brilliant.


Mike , I just received my SP5 speaker cables today . They are absolutely fabulous! I recently replaced my Anti-Cables Level 3 Interconnects with Morrow MA5’s . Even with a 13 day burn in period they required an additional 150 hours before they began to blossom . So in order to complete my system, I replaced my Anti-Cable Level 3 speaker cables with the New Production SP5’s . So with 10 Days of burn in , I installed them today and started to listen . They are worlds above of the Anti-Cables. The depth of imaging has increased substantially. Clarity and detail has improved across the entire frequency range . Also it has been a pleasant surprise that they are extremely liquid and exhibit this much smoothness so early . If they didn’t improve, I would be satisfied. But I know that they are going be be substantially better . And for that , I am truly excited . I’m a satisfied returning customer . Respectfully, Mike

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