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Other Brand to Morrow Trade-Up

Save 40% with this trade-up program!

Try Morrow Audio cables against your "existing brand" cables for 60 days!

If you like the Morrow cables, ship us your working "existing brand" trade in cables. If you don't like the Morrow Audio cables, ship them back for a full refund according to our return policy.

You get 40% off TODAY on the Morrow Audio cables desired for the working "other brand" cables that you trade in later!

Lengths do not need to match. Values do not need to match. Type of cable does not need to match! Your trade in cables can be of any length, value, type or brand with this program! 


1) Choose the cables that you want to try against your existing brand.

2) Use the coupon code: TRADEUP (coupon codes cannot be combined).

3) Read the trade up policy below. Placing your order signifies that you agree to the policy.

4) List in the special notes area on the cart page the cables that you are trading in.

5) Ship us your working "other brand" trade in cables within the 60 day trial period if so decided. If not, ship us the Morrow cables for a full refund, according to our return policy.


Trade-up Policy:

 1) Your trade in cables must be an existing brand with the brand and model number listed on the cable. Cables that came in the box with your equipment, off the spool or homemade cables are not allowed.

2) 60 day returns for this program! Please see our return policy.

3) Cable type, terminations, lengths and dollar value do not need to match. Cross trading types of cables are allowed! Please contact us if you have any questions.

4) Cannot apply to pre-existing orders.

5) At the moment you ship us your trade in cables, any time remaining on your 60 day return expires and your trade in cables become the property of Morrow Audio.

6) Grace period for shipping us your trade in cables: We must receive your trade in cables within 10 days after your 60 day return period has expired.

Ship your trade in cables to:

Morrow Audio
6608 Dixie Highway
Florence, KY 41042

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