Morrow Cables on the Used Market

Back in September, 2018, we made some major Cable Design Improvements. We made further improvements in 2020. If you are considering buying our cables off the used market, you need to be aware that they are likely of the old designs. 

We recommend not buying off the used market. Doing so will rob you of the benefits listed below. Instead, buy direct off our website, which will likewise ensure that you are getting the latest design and improvements.

Morrow Audio Benefits:

If however you still want to buy off the used market, instruct the seller to do the following test, which will determine if the cables are of the new design: Hold the cable in your left and right hand, about 4 inches apart. Grasp the cable and bring your hands together, scrunching together the outer braid to be able to see the inside of the cable. If you see white, cotton covered wires, it is the new design. If you see colored wires (black, red or blue), it is the old design. The improvements in 2020 consisted in adding more runs of wire in our speaker cables. With our new design, there should be a total of 8 runs of bundled wires in each channel, visible through the nylon mesh.