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HDMI Cable

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NOTE: Our HDMI cables are being discontinued. Please find what is left showing on this page through the drop downs.

GENERAL INFORMATION: Our HDMI cable is 4K and UHD ready and incorporates our SSI Technology, providing you with a vivid, distortion free video picture. Price shown is for a 2 meter HDMI cable. 2, 3 and 4 meter lengths are available through a drop down box in the shopping cart. Complete information and other details can be found further down on this page.

Applications are multiple, such as for hooking up a DVD player, a cable or satellite box, home theater applications as well as video projector hookup.

"Mike, I am extremely happy with the assortment of cables I have purchased over the past year. I have antiquated equipment, except for my Oppo bdp 105 blu-ray player. I have an assortment of MA-5's,MA-3's, SP-3's and HDMI cables in my current system. I cannot believe the sound that your cables produce. The sound coming out of my system has greater detail, accuracy, depth,and imaging. I mention your cables to anyone I speak with regarding improving audio or video systems. I wish continued success for Morrow Audio and will continue to sing your praises. Best of luck." Regards, Joseph

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