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February 02, 2019 2 min read


Are You Screwed?
Vibration! What havoc it can reap! When I mention vibration, most of you think about turntables, speakers, CD players and the like...the things that vibrate in our system. Is this going to be a discussion about vibration control? Well, in a way.

Right now I want you to slap on a nice CD or record and play some music. Listen carefully to what you hear. Listen to the focus, the sound stage, listen to how 3-D it sounds.

We will pause as you listen..........

All done? Now...get up out of that nice recliner and get a screwdriver. (Not the drink! Get the thing you hold in your hand to tighten screws!)

Now...Go over to your speakers and plunge it into the paper...JUST KIDDING! No, really... get down and locate all the screws that are holding the driver(s) in. What you want to do next is tighten all those screws...not too much, just enough to make them snug. Were you surprised as to how loose they were?

Now, go take another listen to the same piece you were listening to before... What do you think? Sounds better right? More pure, more focused. Your speakers have been in motion against their cabinets all this time. Something had to give, and it was the screws that hold them in place! What a free tweak!

We may not realize it, but as we played our music over the months, those screws were getting looser and looser... and so was your music. Vibration has more ways of getting to us than is immediately obvious.

Do you play CD or have a transport? Open it up and look for the screws that are holding the main transport mechanism in. Do so at your own risk though.

These screws can also come loose as your CD 's go round and round, causing vibration to go through, loosing the screws that hold it all together. Tighten them down to a safe degree. No listen to the improvement!

Mike Morrow


Many people understand the importance of cables in their system, yet do not realize the cables they have likely contain elements of bad design. These elements are causing major distortions, which rob the music of life, realism and musicality. Learn More

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