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Vibration Control

February 02, 2019 2 min read

Vibration Control


Resonance Control In Your Equipment:
We will examine the problems with the internal resonance problems in your beloved equipment and a tweak that will fix this problem.

Equipment, out of necessity, include covers and enclosures in their design. This is to keep little fingers and sometimes big fingers from probing around, lessoning damage and ambulance calls.

The problem with these, in most cases, is that the resonance of these covers are not addressed in the design of the product. This is especially true with source components like DAC's, transports, CD players and tuners, etc. They "ring like a bell" when their covers are thumped with a finger. This resonance can add harmonics to the music you love. This is one reason why expensive equipment uses heavy metal elements in their cabinets and enclosures...to lower and lesson this resonance.

The average audiophile can not afford expensive equipment, so we must come up with a solution!

Introducing Dynamat! Dynamat is used in car audio systems to control the resonance of the metal walls in the car, keeping them from vibrating and rattling. Dynamat can be found at most any place that sells car audio...Best Buy, Circuit City, etc. We will now use this to control the resonance of your equipment!

Dynamat comes in sheets that have a removable backing, revealing a sticky side to attach it to whatever.

The first thing is to remove the cover off the piece of equipment you wish to tweak. You will want to apply the Dynamat to the top inside of the cover, the side walls can also be tweaked. Measure and cut the Dynamat to fit, remove the backing and press the sticky side to the inside of the cover. Be careful to notice if the thickness of the Dynamat will cause conflict with another object in the piece of equipment and make your cuts accordingly.

Once complete, replace the cover and give it a rap with your finger. You will notice the "ring" has now been replaced with a "thud". Happy days! Hook it up and you will notice an improvement in the sound.

Mike Morrow


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