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The MAP1 is the perfect and affordable choice for those on a budget. It offers great detail, soundstage and a black background.

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Prices below are for a 1 meter cable. Other lengths and options are selectable in the shopping cart. Full product details can be found below.

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A single power cord with AC plug on one end and IEC connector on the other. Applications are multiple depending on the power cord model chosen. Please see the chart below. Price shown is for the standard length of 1 meter. Longer lengths are available and selectable in the shopping cart as well as connector upgrades and breakin service. A full description, as well as an explanation of the internal structure of the power cord can be found below. All cables are hand made to order. Please allow a resonable time for construction.


logo Customers Have Replaced...

Our customers have reported replacing these cables with the Morrow Audio line of cables. Are yours on the list? Tara Labs ($2500.00), Nordost Red Dawns, Audience Maestros, Kimber Select, Virtual Dynamic Master ($2873.00), Transparent Reference $9000.00, Anti-Cables, Audio Art IC-3, Reality Cables, DH Labs Silver Sonic, Monster Cables, Cardas Golden, Straightwire, Nordost, Analysis Plus Oval One...

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  • 60 day returns on all new cables!
  • Receive 100% of your money back, less shipping!
  • The 60 day return window begins the day you receive the cables.
  • Experience what our cables can do for your music, no obligation!

logo What Cables Should I Upgrade First?

We recommend starting with the source components, working your way to the speakers. After that, start upgrading the power cords. As a detailed example, start first by replacing a source cable, like from a CD player to preamplifier. Next replace the cables from the preamp to power amp. Idealy, if finaces allow, replace these two together to have our cables in your system from source to power amplifier. Next, replace the speaker cables, then start upgrading the power cords, starting again with the source components. Replacing your cables in this order will realize the greatest sonic improvements and enjoyment as you complete each step.

logo The Equipment We Use To Evaluate Our Cables

Designing and building cables is a tricky business, requiring just the right balance of gauge, wire type and dielectric. It would be foolish to test our designs on a mediocre system. At Morrow Audio, we have only the best in our listening/ testing room, insuring that whatever system our cables go into, that they should provide great satisfaction and musicality! You can see our listening room here.

The Morrow Audio listening room
Our listening room/ testing room where our designs are evaluated.

logo Product Full Description

Our power cables use 12 gauge stranded Silver-coated Copper wire in multiple runs for each leg. All insulation is high grade Teflon, complete with Wattgate connectors. Heads above the rest for an affordable price.

The MAP1 is our entry level power cable but offers the benifit of those costing many times more. It is designed for medium current hungry power applications like power amplifiers but will work well in source applications, allowing amazing detail retrieval and a black background when used with the most delicate turntable or CD player.

The MAP1, with 2 runs of wire on each leg allow excellent power transfer and low impedance to the component it is used for. You will enjoy the detail, realism and resolution retrieval that the MAP1 has to offer.

What Are the Differences?
MAP1 Model: 6 total runs of wire.
MAP2 Model: 9 total runs of wire.
MAP3 Model: 12 total runs of wire.
MAP4 Model: 15 total runs of wire with reference connectors standard.


Application Chart... Which Power Cord Should I Use?
As you move up the line, each model provides a greater resolution of
sound, regardless of the product it is supplying power to. However, to
provide ease in application, we provide the recommendations below...

CD transport, CD or DVD player, tuner, phono related
Low power integrated or amp, preamplifier, DAC
Medium to high power integrated or amp, subwoofer
For the highest resolution, suitable for any application.


logo Connector Options

We offer several configurations to meet your need. All options are selected through drop down boxes in the shopping cart. Our power cords come with the very well acclaimed 5266i and 320i standard Wattgate connectors, which are very good sounding in their own respect. For the ultimate power cord, we offer the Reference Audio Grade 330i and 350i Wattgate connectors.

AC Connector options

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IEC connector options:

Regular IEC 20 AMP IEC
Standard IEC
available in standard or Audio Grade
available in standard or Audio Grade
C7 (Figure 8) by Furutech


logo Lifetime Abuse Warranty

If your cable ever breaks, for any reason, even abused, we will repair or replace your cable for free. If you trip over your cable, if your pet eats your cable, if your child takes scissors to your cable, if your cable gets tangled in a sweeper, etc, we will repair or replace it for free. You only pay the shipping. Warranty applies to the original owner and is not transferable. Customer must provide purchase receipt with the returned cable.

logo Breakin Time

We have provided a paper explaining the break-in process and what you will hear.

logo Breakin Service Available!

Our break-in service is also available, saving you the time and hassle of breaking in your cables. This allows you to avoid the "difficult stage" of the break-in process. Save wear and tear on your valuable equipment (and ears) by allowing us to break-in your cables for you!

Standard break-in service, only $15.00: We supply 2 days on our break-in machine, equal to about 96 hours of actual music. This gets you past the "difficult" stage of the break-in, allowing you to listen right away, realizing better and better sound as further time is put on the cables.

Extended break-in service, only $39.00: We supply 5 days on our breakin machine, equal to about 240 hours of actual music. With this service, you receive the cables pretty much fully broken in. Please allow another 100 hours after hookup to settle into your system.