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Goliath XD Subwoofer

Legacy's Deepest Performing Subwoofer!

The ultra-high performance Goliath XD subwoofer from Legacy will match the dynamic range of even the most efficient speakers. Massive motors on dual 15" Silver/Graphite/Rohacell woofers provide world class performance and will handily deliver 130 dB of low distortion output. Bass pressure in rooms will rise and fall so quickly that room boom and droning is not an issue. Kettle drums will roll and thunder, kick drums will have visceral punch and pedal notes will surge with this Goliath of a subwoofer.

Note: Speakers come with removeable black polyester weave grill cloths with proper acoustical properties.

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Did you know?Did You Know?

Did you know that Legacy Audio recommends and use the Morrow Audio line of cables at trade shows all over the world? Legacy has discovered that our line is a match made in heaven with their speakers, providing a natural and musically involving sound. We invite you to experience the full potential of the Legacy line with our cable products. See our cables here.


Goliath XD Subwoofer

Separate XLR inputs feed each woofer's dedicated 750 watt amplifier for up to 2000 watts of peak system power.

Recommended system controller/crossover is Legacy's Wavelaunch processor.

Frequency range 12- 150 Hz with room correction and external crossover.

(2) 15" subwoofer drivers with Silver/Graphite/Rohacell composite diaphragm and vented motor structure
lead wires are stitched into the spider to prevent wear and vibration, rigid aluminum dustcap

- 3 layer stacked magnet structure
- 3 inch voice-coil
- ultra heavy duty cast frame
- gold plated terminals

(2) 15" custom weighted passive radiators to provide deepest extension without port noise

(2) 750 watt ultra efficient ICEpower® amplifier modules with auto-on and 'green' power saving mode

- Enclosure: 2.25" thick front baffle and top dark granite inlay on top, bracing and sidewalls are 1.125"


Like the finest furniture, our cabinets are impeccably finished in select veneers and solid hardwood corner moldings.  The Exquisite finishes are hand-rubbed several times to assure a patina that is at home with the most elegant decor.  Beneath the surface of each Legacy Speaker lies rigid interlocking joinery.  We use acoustically inert PVC in midrange sub-enclosures to avoid the characteristic honding of paper tubes found in conventional enclosures.  Polyester fiberfill is selected for internal damping.  A sharp rap on the enclosure will leave you with little more than bruised knuckles.

Bill with the Legacy Whisper
Bill with Legacy Whisper

Celebrate with us decades of relentless pursuit of perfection in audio reproduction. A product platform unequalled in terms of aesthetics, build quality, sonic performance and technology.

A passion to advance the field of audio motivated engineer Bill Dudleston to combine his efforts with those of a stubborn Dutch craftsman, Jacob Albright. From a garage amidst the cornfields of the mid-west, they began their remarkable quest. An uncanny understanding of physics and fluid modeling, combined with good old-fashioned hard work and craftsmanship, allowed the team to first produce the renowned Legacy-1. Word soon spread through audiophiles and the press of a little company in Illinois who designed the word’s best loudspeakers.

Legacy continues to build an national and international dealer base while pushing the envelope on acoustic design. Just as in the beginning, our doors are open and all are invited to hear our fine products and see how they are built. We continue to focus on customer service, and still build each pair of loudspeakers as though we were building them for ourselves.

Details & Specifications

Subwoofer: (2) 15" silver/graphite/rohacell composite diaphragm
Passive Radiator: (2) 15" custom weighted passive radiators
Internal Amplification: (2) 750 watt ultra efficient ICEpower® amplifier modules
Frequency Response: 12-150 Hz
Inputs: Dual XLR
Dimensions (WxHxD): 18.125" x 40.125" x 19.125"
Shipping weight: 275 lbs


Finish Options:

(In order, left to right) Birdseye Maple, Burl Olive Ash, Medium Oak, Natural Cherry, Black Pearl, Curly Maple, Rosewood, Black Oak, Walnut. Finishes are selected in the shopping cart through a drop down box.

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